My @redbull teammate @cocozurita took this pic of me sliding my @dodgeofficial #dart around in x games practice as the rain came down.
  • travispastranaMy @redbull teammate @cocozurita took this pic of me sliding my @dodgeofficial #dart around in x games practice as the rain came down.

  • _jack_daniel_carter_Theirs the nitro from nitro circus
  • paytonhobbs__AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • jakessickLooks bad!
  • alexkiuchiphotoGopro!!
  • jcmayb21Yolo
  • stefanerasmus@travispastrana hey man. I know the chances of you seeing this or responding aren't very big. But I was just wondering if you would wanna talk. And you probably get this all the time haha. I was just curious on how you would get into something like what you do. Example rally car racer is basically my dream job !!
  • baileebertaniAwesome
  • scomrad28Sickkkk!!!!!!!!
  • wiel0021Damnnn
  • lesniak2016I have looked up to you since I was 6, I'm 15 now. Every single birthday wish, each time I'd blow a dandelion, every time I'd throw a penny in a fountain, I would wish: "I want to meet Travis Pastrana." Each and every night in bed, I would think of you, that way I could dream about meeting you once I fell asleep. I'm not just another die hard fan of '#199-Mr. Pastrana.' I have looked up to you, admired you and your decisions, the way you do what you love, no matter what happens. You are my inspiration, you are amazing and you are the one and only idol I will ever have, you are ... Travis Pastrana.
    ~Ryan Lesniak
  • dylan2550Ben wanting to meet u since I was a little kid :)
  • enjoyoutdoorsSick picture Travis!
  • bradleyleonard15Travis u look like in my go kart
  • laxwingmasterBeen looking up to you scince I found out who you were and what you do you and the nitro crew are my inspiration
  • brandon_rullo9Is that when you broke your leg and used hand gas
  • yankees1246My mom has that car!!!
  • spentleyPeople don't realize they're fwd because of how you power slid on the commercial haha @travispastrana
  • camerondhartleyAwesome rally and muddin
  • giogigliotti@guh_rossi ele nao anda so de boxer nao viu, #dodgeporra
  • jtram0197@irocmike93
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