Round 2.5
  • lukewessmanRound 2.5

  • darrenmurrayMost people are like that these days
  • stephx85Lol. So true
  • jessbennetteBwhahahahaha
  • jessbennetteTrue story.. No one earns their stripes anymore!
  • sarah4c4cAll of mine are covered. For now... :-)
  • deeboy56He got LA on his face and ie on his legs
  • j3rkbagEveryone agrees that that isn't right but I get judged by the same people at conventions because I have no visible tattoos. Have a ton that pants and tank cover though
  • allaprimaink@artminas1
  • saduggerWhy does it matter where ya start? As long as its not hands, neck or head?
  • saduggerNot a smart ass question^
  • jessicafallonpage
  • drakekemper@sadugger he's just saying that they used to tattoo the body and hide the visible ones for work, now people will tattoo just the visible places to seem fully tattooed
  • lukewessman@sadugger not exactly my point of view ^ but this pic is mearly a observation, interpretations will vary. There are two reason I give when giving my reasons for not tattooing has and heck too soon. I explain in more depth on a blog post on my site
  • lukewessman@drakekemper thank you for trying to explain. My reasons go beyond just work stuff though
  • dakota_paulus@lukewessman I'm an apprentice up in Vancouver Washington and I'm trying to bring back the old school over here surrounded by mostly lames like the 2012 guy, only a handful of solid dudes over here and I feel strongly that most of the things old schoolers did are the way things should be done, you gotta earn places like hands and neck by sitting through your chest ribs and back, just felt like sharing, now you know there's atleast one young kid in the tattoo game trying to do it the right way!
  • sarnastronaut@eltonjohnblaise
  • tattboyz@lukewessman I totally agree...I was blessed with a Real Apprenticeship...this Industry is Flooded with Posers...I made my decision to tattoo my hands hands when I decided I'll never work a Tradition Job ever again in 2008...3yrs out of My apprenticeship....Collecting is one thing but when your in the Game...I believe it's a Rights Of Passage✨😎
  • daveychipsngravyHaha @russzylstra @lukebishoptattoo
  • henrycalazansCan we get a round 3 going!! @lukewessman
  • meesanti1992
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