Late May? Really?!? Excuse me while I go throw something.
  • tshoxenreiderLate May? Really?!? Excuse me while I go throw something.

  • dollarcraftSooo cold today!! Not quite as cold in salem, but still, I lost my coat after last week!
  • melisawinslowWe had a similar forecast last week but the snow never came! Whew! Our 7 month long winter was already too much for me.
  • redeeming_tableI think it's okay to drink.
  • tshoxenreider@redeeming_table thank you. :)
  • ashleegeesaman😳 We are in (and new to) Wisconsin and it's 65 and high is 70 today (it's also been 85 for several days) I can't believe Bend is significantly colder AND snowing
  • jealoushandsOh wow! That is unbelievable to me (here where it's been near 90 the last few days)! :-/
  • ariannesegermanI like @redeeming_table 's plan. My word, Tsh!
  • littlecraigclanHow fun!!
  • jlallen4boo
  • mythreesuitsOh, I am 8 months pregnant in 90 degree weather, I would actually love for that to be our forecast right now!
  • kddenfeldSnow flakes!? Moan.
  • maggiekellumI am from MS originally and live in CO now. Every spring my inner southern girl screams as it snows into May. Luckily we are done in Denver finally.
  • tshoxenreider@maggiekellum I know what you mean about that internal (or sometimes, like this morning, external) screaming. And I *thought* we were done, too...
  • mianlwlsWow I'm sorry.
  • theburlapbagWhaaaaaaaaaaat! I'd gladly trade for a day... But just one day ha
  • sarahaileen74We had that last week in sc Alaska and I kept the blinds shut all day and tried not to cry. Lol But Oregon?! Sorry.
  • laurajolizaRisk of snow/freeze in Bend ain't over til the 4th of July. Lol! Our weather teaches you to live in and love the moment. Today is hot soup and cookies and hot cocoa by the fire. Next week we'll be wading the river. ;)
  • babystephJust seeing this! No snow here but lots of rain. Yesterday I made soup for the whole week.
  • igerscentraloregonTypical isn't it @tshoxenreider? 😫😫😫
  • tshoxenreider@gibbymama We're in Bend, Oregon.
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