Familiar faces coming back for the finale! #dwts #season16 #finals @glebsavchenkoofficial @realdlhughley #lisavanderpump
  • dancingabcFamiliar faces coming back for the finale! #dwts #season16 #finals @glebsavchenkoofficial @realdlhughley #lisavanderpump

  • emma_.nIkr @missfreckles14 he wins because he works hard and pushes his partners I with ya stop hating haters
  • reneeo808Derek wins because he is the BEST! It was amazing what he coaxed out of Kelly. She was amazing!!! Zendaya was very good but Kelly was best! Who cares if Derek wins every year. It will inspire the others to do better.
  • hayleyjoyballiIT'S ALL A POPULARITY CONTEST. More fans=your chance to win. Kellie has been famous way longer than Zendaya so therefore she won.
  • stephanie.boyaZendaya should have won just a lot of people dont know her cuz she's on Disney and what's weird I never heard of kellie when it started
  • jaida.nicole_I think part of the reason Zendaya didn't win, is because shes on a TV show ABOUT dancing and technically its cheating....Therefore, Im really Happy that Derek😍 And Kellie👌 Won.
  • carlipetow_The amount of horrible grammar in some of these comments is atrocious. Also, Derek doesn't win simply because he's paired with the 'pretty girls with above average dance skills.' FYI, he's made it to the finals without taking home the trophy (i.e. All-star season, Ricki Lake). The reason why he's won 4 times is because he's an excellent choreographer and dancer and is amazing at finding his partner's strengths and using them to their advantage.
  • _myahaliburtonZendaya should have won. She didn't mess up any dance like kellie did. Zendaya was at the top the whole time. Kellie was at the bottom
  • tedhayes226Kellie & Derek were phenomenal. The freestyle dance of theirs was the best I can recall ever. I have never had a dance touch me like that one. They deserve the trophy & Derek himself is an amazing choreographer & dancer himself. No denying it. Awesome season. I believe it was better then the all star season. More talent & competition ever.
  • annalisa.giambraZendaya should have one she didn't have 1 not amazing dance but kelly and derek did!!!!
  • annalisa.giambra@zozojojo_bob I agree with you also I do say that Zendaya is a professional dancer but she doesn't know the dancers that were put on her! Therefore it is unfair Derek knows all of it and Derek should not be able to dance anymore
  • ariellthemermaiddshe old
  • myraparnellU were all a joy 2 watch thank u 4 a great season!!!!!
  • ogguera67@joshknair
  • andrecoolmanThey old
  • bebberlexiDerek had nothing to do with it the stars are the ones that get judged... I hope Derek comes back next season because he comes up with some amazing dances that make his star stand out but that star could go out and destroy the dance or they could go out and make it amazing which is w
  • bebberlexiWhat kellie did! Yes zendaya was amazing but why do we need to sit her complaining when it cant be changed...
  • rockstarsbffI know, I feel Derek always wins
  • altosingsWay to go @bebberlexi !!! I couldn't have said it better! Thank you!
  • dgirl19Duh.. he always wins because he's an amazing dancer. The best.
  • nikkitomayerWell Cheryl Burke is the best dancer; she just got someone that was terrible!!!!!
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