I like this dude... My lil #JetBeautyOfTheWeek #proud
  • gabunionI like this dude... My lil #JetBeautyOfTheWeek #proud

  • kingnessuh_@pinkjelybean911 well said ! #new follower !
  • pacumminsShut the fuck up you dumb bitch. Harassing a hall of famer like D-Wade? You're a fucking moron and a loser.
  • bones6467That's was a horrible comment & it sounds like your jealous
  • o.victoria_Nah , it just sound likes she's human . Y'all motherfuckas would do the same . Sooo stfu & let them be them !
  • ashleemlongYou're beautiful! An extraordinary actress, with a great personality!! Keep inspiring us by being you!! #muchlove
  • babi__deeGab dont give a f**k shes rich lol @pacummins
  • _imperfect_angel93While everybody calling her a homewrecker, and needs to grow up and shit well guess wat? She's FILTHY rich, BEAUTIFUL, living life and enjoying her life with her man SO do u actually think she gives a fuck wat all u haters r saying about her??? NOPE! & i wouldn't either so u all can shut the fuck up now and let her live her life =)
  • muffinlove2you can sharpen a magazine the wait time for you to propose to your home boy did it
  • papacrazzyЕбаный по голове! Это ж ниггер, еще и на обложке
  • officialayaa@noonoo_babe01 so true
  • jaysavvy_She put happy over the divorce
  • lynciaoldineHow was the book "Warmth of other suns". I just ordered it
  • omw_2the_moneyY not love????
  • iuzuriDon't get how she's bashing his ex. Is she even relevant to this post? She's showing support to Wade, that's her doing her job. Making him happy. Y'all look too deep into things and just want drama.
  • carlinealicia@shezbac laughing my ass off at ur comment
  • ashleyswagger2000If u dont have ass don't say laughing my ass off
  • briannajazmyn#mcm
  • gauss41Sexy as he'll
  • heavenfortuneThats ya Hubby !
  • coleworldtabitha#mcm till the end @dwyanewade @gabunion
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