Meeting the President of Chechnya with Gerard Depardieu ...,
  • elizabethhurley1Meeting the President of Chechnya with Gerard Depardieu ...,

  • eugenegorevidalhe's a war criminal who endorses honour killings and has tortured and killed those that oppose him.
  • nohchi_95_95@kadyrov_95 ❤❤❤❤the best!
  • nohchi_95_95@theelizabethhurley you are very beautiful
  • klepikov_n@thomasdholland you're very wrong.
  • kindnesspro@thomasdholland stop judging people. What should we say about Putin then? Or about thst fuc*ing terrorist prya state of israhell? And what about that ass*ole bush who killed thousands of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan? So before you judge someone consider all angles before. Thank you.
  • aldamova_95Welcome to the Chechen!!!!
  • danmc100I am appalled that you could even associate with this man... It's the lowest of the low Liz 😓
  • missyrhey333The us isn't perfect, but neither isany other country. Were all just as equally guilty when it comes to the death of others.
  • denis_listoshenkovПозитивно)))
  • damianhurley1I miss the cat! But love mama!
  • pushkin_095@thomasdholland All British, American leaders war criminals, you are killing all over the world hundreds of thousands of innocent people, such as in Iraq, the United States is the only country that has used nuclear weapons against the civilian population, what kind of democracy they can talk. United States, Great Britain is an empire of evil plague the 21st century, the time will come when our mighty Russia will punish you.
  • adamdishno@thomasdholland you know nothing Thomas Snow
  • aza_baygiraeva👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍
  • iamu.n@thomasdholland thank you! He's terrorist and number one ass licker putin
  • malikanurbeauty@elizabethhurley1 official account of 😘 @kadyrov_95
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