Carlton the Bear throws out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game on Monday
  • mapleleafsCarlton the Bear throws out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game on Monday

  • rhi_perrierHaha im a leaf fan wattup but i dont know how they lost i mean im not here to trash them but yeah.... I dont really understand
  • zayne0817Still depressed over that meltdown. We could have owned the rangers in the second round!
  • danielpriddle.91Get over it it's the first step then next year maybe finals do you think we'll I do they never made it since 9 years so get over it. Not like big deal they tried there best not like they didn't tryed if they did not tryed the coach will say it. So get over it please and you know that insulting people on the Internet called... Cyberbulling get over it
  • owenok12@letsgobruins!!
  • _adamhoff__Lol
  • 888chicken888Hi
  • sharks.hutCARLTON!!!!
  • trentwalkerHaha sucker #GoBRUINS #BECAUSEITSTHECUP
  • iamkatiehamWhy is a hockey mascot on a baseball game?:)
  • tomdas89Lmao Bruins chocked in 1 min to lose the cup ahahah the suck Blackhawks balls @trent_walker_3404
  • adamargo45What the heak
  • trentwalker@tomdas89 r u a penguins fan or a maple leafs fan because in 1 period it went from 4-1 maple leafs to overtime 5-4 bruins and we swept the penguinns
  • brandondevesLeafs suck bruins rule leafs drule
  • luigifaraciThe best
  • c._johnson_The greed test 😱😱😱😱😱
  • alex.brothersCan I please have a shoutout. I love the leafs. It's a shame of what happend in the playoffs against Boston. Well hope u give me one Matt and Jon. Appreciate if u do. Ps love ur pics
  • ryan_gitlin29Awesome
  • christinabattyYuhg
  • christinabattyH
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