I'm SO excited to share the album cover for #SongVersation! Are you ready????? #Indiagram #RoadtoSongVersation
  • indiaarieI'm SO excited to share the album cover for #SongVersation! Are you ready????? #Indiagram #RoadtoSongVersation

  • go1diloczbeautiful...blessings...praying
  • flyinghighverses♥ it!
  • miriampdurandOMG!!!!! Im really proud!, Good Idol, Love You India! <3
  • l_boogie89Yea buddy!
  • bobbynio#emperess cant wait to hear more music u always #feed #my #soul ✨💚✨🎶
  • phaedramacI LOVE you so much. You inspire me in EVERY way! Your music is getting me through this situation I'm in right now. Because of you, I'm falling in LOVE with myself MORE & MORE. I've been looking to see you in your for the past year and haven't planned any. I wish I could just sit while you're in the studio and hear you harmonize , vocalize and speak TRUTH. You're full if wisdom! Gosh!!! Lol! I would love for you to grace this Mississippi girl with your presence!
  • ta_marlaYeeaaaahhhh...can't wait for this..
  • rainashawYour pink ensemble is fabulous! You look elegant and refined!
  • statement501@indiaarie hiii when next will you be in Barbados gotto get your new album
  • aussieluvx@msewoods
  • yungkyngcurtSo so ready!!! Been a long time since good music has come out!
  • phoenixxrocksReverbnation.com/phylyrics
  • iladonYes!!!!!!!
  • kbookardI've got to see #SongVersation live this summer for my birthday! There I said it now watch God manifest it...YES!
  • mobettamuzik@teontee 🙌👏🙌👍yessss
  • pinkkeyysPretty in pink:) love it:)
  • iamkelly_wYes, beautiful
  • living_optimisticly_4meI can't wait for the new album, ur music has gotten me through some tough times @indiaarie
  • beauty1059@indiaarie omg I'm so happy can't wait. Love you
  • 1musicloveI have Every album. You are a breath of fresh air, your artistry is amazing. A humble soul god sent us really! I cannot express in words what an inspiration you are, and how your music feeds my soul with every lyric. The day I meet you will make my world. If you don't ever get to read this, the point I'm trying to make is your beautiful, and you make a difference. 🎶thank you for doing what you do🎶 may god continue to bless you, an purify US ALL THROUGH YOU🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️ @indiaarie
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