Check out our billboard on the strip...
  • linkinparkCheck out our billboard on the strip...

  • leoncopleyOooo vandalism jk
  • karlosantoniwhen they're coming to Chile???
  • guido_lpThey are so humble, thats why i love Lp
  • qeqlikLove the vid :3
  • elchicoahedoLoveyoumike
  • thomasbq在中国叫贴叫贴小广告
  • lizhi0129@thomasbq 同意/
  • liam_zhaomike这肚子太突出了
  • nvmch_I love tellemen Peace los Amooo
  • sinoshady贴小广告?!卧的病有久了!
  • mamasaveme贴小广告甚喜感=_=但人家真的看的懂摸?
  • omar_sayed333I love this band
  • omar_sayed333Me to @grubkiller2000
  • tryder41Go on my page! I rep Lp to the fullest!!!
  • benbyrssY wasn't Chester involved in that? @linkinpark
  • batman32742I like you guys favorite my rock band
  • mm.naahi FREAKING LOVE LINKIN PARK i eat,sleep, and live lp i have never been to a concert and i want u guys to be my first concert. here in texas,el paso .....but we cant afford it BUT I BUY UR CDS LP undergrounds my favorite album in the emd tis my fav song luv u guys\(*0*)/
  • mm.naahHARDCORE LUV p.s. im 13
  • venee__yeah that jeremy guy is right i really hope linkin park comes to el paso tx!!! i LOVE LINKIN PARK i would really like to meet you guys!!! xD
  • _joseantonio17LOL A BRAD casi lo atropella un carro jajaj XD
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