Kaepernick or Luck: which QB would you want leading YOUR team for the next 10 seasons.
  • nflKaepernick or Luck: which QB would you want leading YOUR team for the next 10 seasons.

  • too_dope_adriennKaeperernick is the best
  • gdolorI'd like to say kap because I'm a niners fan, but luck plays consistently and plays like he's a vet. Andrew luck wins. Don't get me wrong still #ninerempire
  • gdolorRyan Tannehill sucks! And for you to say all kap has is read option, have you seen his arm? Stupid dolphins ain't no where with him @toycrawler24
  • toycrawler24Haha this season will prove everyone wrong. Kap sucks as soon as the read option is figured out by defenses around the league he'll be done niners won't even be as dominate this year I vote they lose to Seattle in the division or conference game
  • toycrawler24Just cause the niners have old vets all over the field they're gonna be washed up and re building again. Every qb has a cannon arm its whether they can be accurate enough with it. Watch ryans numbers this year will be better than kap and rg3 Ryan and luck are the total package not some baseball player that's athletic enough to play in the NFL. Ryan has less weapons also and when he puts up the bigger and better numbers than kap this season with less weapons
  • mrs_flexingtonLUCK!! #COLTSNATION
  • _njwrestling_Kaepernick,but my team Ravens
  • _njwrestling_@ravens
  • rubio_5_4Karp
  • natbuttaccioKAEP:)
  • niner_gioKaepernick
  • cfritz_23Definitely Luck really smart and young he's got it!
  • marky_footballLuck
  • rogerisnotthatLuck
  • cj_felton21Kaepernick
  • yoboykevin12Luck
  • 49er_empire2016Kaepernick wtf hes young there both young stupid!
  • kingmj_worldKapernick
  • mr.football_14#LUCK
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