On my bus ride today...
  • sury_jkOn my bus ride today...

  • lesliemarieMust be really hot wearing that
  • yoyoyi16That was you! I was too preoccupied on my iPhone!
  • ash_ley_seesCreeeeepy
  • caitrionartIt wasn't as hot as it looked actually :p
  • sury_jk@caitrionart omg was that you?! Amazing!! What was it for?
  • caitrionartYes ma'am! For fun actually, I posed the idea to my friend Chris and set a shoot date. Being smart I forgot to bring a change of clothes haha. Check out his other stuff at @altovenue, his work is really awesome!
  • sury_jk😊 That's amazing. How did you come across this photo? I'll check out @altovenue 's work, thanks!
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