@SelenaGomez has arrived in the #BBMA Blue Carpet!
  • billboard@SelenaGomez has arrived in the #BBMA Blue Carpet!

  • prettyylittlegomez@mileyperfectcyrus hahaha really we make r idol look bad ur just talking about your self please selena gives good advice what dose Miley tell u to do and I'm talking of this Miley not the old one cuz she changed so don't give me she said to keep trying and don't say to stay strong cuz that's Demi's advice and I bet u r going to say 4get the haters selena actually said never to change and she actually makes us feel beautiful I don't see Miley doing that
  • mileyperfectcyrus@love_selena_4ever u dont see miley doing this because u dont look up for her .. Its not like stay strong is only demi's message .. Miley went through a lot of things.. Including cutting .. Yes she make me feel beautiful and worth it because she told me to be myself .. Besides .. Miley's message is to radiate love .. She always says that.. To be yourself and to be real to who you are .. Everything she does i got to learn from .. She told us to stop hating on others.. Remember what she tweeted ? She said we would make her proud if we only supported her music and that it doesnt make her proud when we hate on others, thats what we did.. We dont make her look bad. We defend her , love her, only care about her , miley didnt change .. She grew up, dont tell me selena on spring breakers is the same selena on WOWP , yup? Everyone grew up..
  • iconicbiach@mileyperfectcyrus totally agreed
  • sh_aljuma@selenaGomez
  • fs_khI love selena
  • msherard13Y'all! @badboyjuju @levtick Go Away! Stop being mean to her!!! And @badboyjuju just because you like Justin doesn't mean you can hate on her!!!😠 And @levtick "Why you gotta be SOO mean"
  • lilooostre@badboyjuju Hahaha perf👌😂😂
  • glowhalfbloodYeah? Shes NOT a bitch. Die. And demi is fat @demimyidol
  • hebbahassan@niallgomez demi is not fat
  • elizabethstclair_@badboyjuju fucking chill I'm a belieber too so calm the fuck down.
  • vanhaeeviAHHH SELENA
  • gomezstylezGOMEZ!!
  • aoana_iabyt_My popular singer is selena Gomez :-*:))))
  • anwaar68Ewy
  • starshiitShe is gorgeous
  • karinarredondoAmazinggg
  • manayer_63xAmazing
  • loeloveselenaThe most AMAZING perfect
  • nietamuhammad@selenagomez 💋💋💋💋💐💐
  • vitoriapauxis@selenagomez diva!!!
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