Draw my Life is up on my channel! I hope you all like it :) YouTube.com/MichellePhan
  • michellephanDraw my Life is up on my channel! I hope you all like it :) YouTube.com/MichellePhan

  • nataliadiosesI cried, your story is similar to my life
  • iamlove214Your life is inspiring and u draw well. Very talented and pretty😍
  • baystrulyThat draw my life is like my life right now :( @michellefawn
  • cclairebarnesReally? @nguyenshannon
  • fatimah1526ilove draw my life your life is be come fun😀
  • marchnay@michellefawn , i am using my galaxy note 10.1 to draw, i can record my drawing in my not but watching your "draw my life" make he wonder how to make it a video which i can upload and share. Could u please share any way to convert or save the drawing record into video or clip? Please please pleasee..;)
  • kalynn.15Hi Michelle I have been watching you for years & love what you have done with your life.I'm 13 and Viet too. For all my life I've been picked on because I was asian they say thing like "Ching-chong, go back to china or japan ,& you eat dogs" My dad left me,my older sister,mom because he was cheating. I hope to be like one day.Strong, Beautiful,Wounderful
  • akusichuI love it so much! So inspiring! @michellefawn :)
  • my_queen37I love itttt
  • kicohen58OMG this video was truly inspiring... Lol I actually showed it to my parents and they were moved too!!!!!! Lol
  • joyahn11I cried watching it lol
  • gemmagillerYour draw my life was I the best one I have seen. It actually made me cry
  • its_a_spaghetti_tacoCan someone explain the step father part ?? It was so sad I was crying
  • tranxnguyennYour video was so touching.. my life is similiar to yours
  • parisittvThis video made my mom and I cry so hard! You have such an amazing gift!!!!!!!!!! @michellefawn
  • yashxo@michellephan I simply love watching your videos! This one is a touching video ❤️ your childhood stories I cried. Made me think about how my uncles family had a gambling addiction and they lost their home completely! I pray for your biological dad. I hope wherever god has him that he is safe.
  • haly_dangLa
  • emijuliFavorite video ♥️
  • villagranafermichelle whats the program you use in your computer to do that video #iloveit 👌🏻👍🏻
  • neontaupeYou are my biggest inspiration. :3
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