Sometimes u have to record on bad days too. When your not feeling so well.
  • iamjhudSometimes u have to record on bad days too. When your not feeling so well.

  • ablurdclothingLove the face expression .....
  • alexissmith45Where i want to b side by side with u so we could make a hit one day ;)
  • saskiacmills_869Did aint the @iamjhud I knew
  • jjjjjjjjjgggfWe have the same birthday #wcw
  • siqpaq@illuminatiexposer2013
  • quanas_so_awesomeBeautiful
  • badd__cheetah@iamjhud u look beautiful tho hun
  • daonenotprotypePpooo
  • missmypayne😍😍😍😍😍 OMGE YOU AFR BEYOND GORGEOUS
  • vellevagueHello @iamjhud My Name Is Janay Tripline I Live In Baltimore Maryland ! &'nd I Have A Huge PASSION For Music ! I Am In College As Music For My Major ! &'nd I Realized A Lot Of People Look Over Baltimore Or The DMV Area And I Really Want to Purse My Dreams Becoming a Famous Singer ! &'nd i wanted To Know If You were Looking For Any Background Singers ! If So I would Love To send You a Video Of Me Singing ! If Not I was Wondering Also If You Could Help Me Peruse My Dream. My Friends Told Me It Would Be Silly For Me To write This To You ! But I've Never Been The Type Of Person To Back Down ! You'll Never Know Unless You Ask. So I Know Your Busy and You Have Your Career But I Hope When You Have A sec You Will Read This And Perhaps Respond ! If not thank you anyway and I appreciate you allowing me to share this with you !
  • vellevagueHello @iamjhud I Wanted To Know If You Got The Chance To read My Comment ?
  • blktalibonMay I have your lips. Love them
  • tiffanymdenbyThat's the best time
  • sf717You are so beautiful and Talented.. God Bless !
  • queenmadam8@iamjhud I would love to sing background for u please follow
  • swim.godI know your never probably going to see this but you are my inspiration and my birthday is on the 25 of march and I wanted to know if you would be generous enough to sing me happy birthday @iamjhud
  • icrystalina@sadhanaxx doe mw ogen ooit zo ja
  • milano_cooki@jahnimoodymusic I swear this is your twin at times smh lol
  • jahnimoody@milano_cooki omggggggg somebody else said this on this exact same picture !!!!!! 😂😂😂
  • milano_cooki@jahnimoodymusic lol
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