Backstage w/ @psy_oppa. Tonight's the night #bbma #vegas baby!
  • realtracymorganBackstage w/ @psy_oppa. Tonight's the night #bbma #vegas baby!

  • britt.neighGreat Tshirt! I volunteered at that festival :) you were great!
  • photoshoppeDude I not going to lie, I thought you would be s little more famous on instagram.. like I have s couple friends with more follows. And 90 % of these girls out her been killing you with followers
  • llmcvll@photoshoppe lol what a fucking dumb thing to say dude, you sound like a 12 year old bitch
  • photoshoppeIt's Tracy Morgan. I was just surprised more than anything. I couldn't give a fuck less about followers. But the dude is fucking hilarious. @llmcvll
  • freighttraincustoms@tornadote look Omar & Devon
  • itz.raguhe is anti american! who heard wht he sed?!
  • karissanevaeh11@realtracymorgan @realtracymorgan little me would love to meet you!🙏🏼❤️❤️
  • unikgssWow. Did yoi know korea? Psy is korean popular singer. I live in korea and I am your big fan. I am so happy that I see your instagram korean singer.
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