The most to-die-for pecan #paleo pancakes with fresh fruit, on the patio, on a Subday morning. Life is good, m'friends.
  • whatiworeThe most to-die-for pecan #paleo pancakes with fresh fruit, on the patio, on a Subday morning. Life is good, m'friends.

  • sonnyrae79What did you use for syrup? Looks yummy!
  • emfridmanPaleo pancakes?! Recipe please!
  • youfoundcandyI was craving pancakes and this is the first pic I see!
  • suzannahstanleyAwesome! So cool that you're doing paleo stuff now! Husband and I started at Christmas absolutely love it! So many cool things to Instagram, too! #paleodiet!
  • erindenbaarsAre these made of any type of grain? Because grain was not cultivated until 10,000 years ago. The Paleolithic people would have been hunters and gatherers.
  • happinessatmidlifeI am having Paleo pancakes this morning too. So easy to make and so yummy
  • breezymontgomery^^ Uh-oh... The #paleopolice are here ;)
  • mrsloumay@whatiwore you need to try coconut whip cream. I made a batch for my pancakes, added mango & banana, wow!
  • itslissyturnerYum!
  • whatiwore@erindenbaars nope, no grains! That's why I called them #paleo ;)
  • whatiwore@huntgathrfashn I've always wanted to try that for dessert! Do you use the Well Fed recipe?
  • jessa_shawRecipe please @whatiwore
  • whatiworeRecipe is from @paleomg !!!!
  • fancystiefvaterYou inspired me to make coconut flour pancakes this morning! Yay #paleo 👍
  • mrsloumay@whatiwore it's so easy, you can google any recipe. You essentially just need full fat coconut milk - refrigerate it overnight (to separate oil) - scoop it out & whip with a tsp vanilla/honey/cinnamon or maple syrup. Great as an icing substitute for cakes too!
  • whatiworeLove it, @huntgathrfashn Thanks!
  • mrsloumay@whatiwore anytime! Enjoy
  • astateofflux.coCan I please ask how you came to settle upon the paleo diet? I believe you can get your blood tested to see which if these types if diets you're best suited to. Did you do that, or just pick this based on knowing what has worked best for your body previously?
  •*of and of, not 'if' sorry!
  • whatiworeThis is essentially all fresh, healthy foods. I've been vegan before and found I have great results following this style of eating. And yes, I've been to my physician and had panels done to ensure this works for my body! But eating cups and cups of veggies a day can't hurt anyone!!
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