Looks like @brycemenzies7 number 1 and gets to dry the track out for the rest of us! @xgames @globalrallyx @dodgeofficial #dart @xgamesbarcelona
  • travispastranaLooks like @brycemenzies7 number 1 and gets to dry the track out for the rest of us! @xgames @globalrallyx @dodgeofficial #dart @xgamesbarcelona

  • codbo2isbossomg your coming on 2014 to the united states of america im going can you give me a vip @travispastrana
  • marcus_gageThat is a heaps cool photo travid
  • buddy12139How can I join nitro Circus live
  • alwrxdodge darts suuuck. #germanengineeringftw
  • tyler_songyU r my idol I have all the seasons of nitro circus on DVD and I watch u every year at x games can u give me a shout out and I also plan on going to nitro circus live for the North American tour please give me a shout out!!!
  • edjpalaciosToyota yaris?
  • iktsteinWhy haven't your tried competing in drifting yet?
  • fugaribas13🚙💨💨💨
  • diegovaldegamberiniHi travis i am your best fan all over the world
  • diegovaldegamberiniI like all the things you do you Can you put a like to one of my pictures (Sori y am from Chile And i don't speak english very Well sorri
  • moto551Biggest freakin fan Travis. Can I get a response? Just to say that I have.
  • moto551@travispastrana
  • cj62076Your a fuckin rally cross idol to me
  • coolkidrocks12I'm your biggest fan
  • jakecady45Livin the dream
  • joey_ricci40Do you rember mrs.nelson your 5th grade teacher i had her also
  • d.om.oBeast dodge dart on roids !
  • persiankitteeDamn I wish I could race that...
  • honda__199Dude u r awesome I try to be like u a pop catwalks down the road and I race and try to be good like u
  • __laylaaa___12Travis your amazing. I seriously want to be just like you when I get older. And i really wanna start riding dirt bikes. But I have to figure out how I'll get one. But when I do that's all I'll be doing with my life. Until then,I'll keep watching Nitro circus and your videos and keep on admiring how awesome you are and everyone else. Truly amazing. I also have a 5 year old cousin who is obsessed with you. He talks about you 24/7. He always asks layla can I see your phone to watch Travis pastrana it's adorable☺️ anyways keep up the amazing work. You've got tons of talent. I wanna be just like you someday💙❤️💚
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