Don't miss out, #SuperMetroid is out now on #wiiu #virtualconsole for just 30p!
  • nintendolifeDon't miss out, #SuperMetroid is out now on #wiiu #virtualconsole for just 30p!

  • rarechujellythe same reason why*
  • leftover_pizzaThe wiiu is garbage anyway. Nintendo has always been revolutionary when it comes it consoles. But i think they are takin a step back with this wii u
  • leftover_pizzaI love nintendo so please dont block me lol. Buy the wiiu is wack.
  • tamoochamoo^haters gonna hate
  • rubezzz79I like the wiiu, different then what we call the traditional consoles now a days (Xbox/Ps) gets kind of boring when controls are similar...just waiting for a Mario Kart game!!!!
  • thelefthandedgeekYep
  • francojmrGoog luck buying the same games from Nintendo over and over again.
  • eddiegibsonYes. Goog luck. You need "Goog luck" to enjoy playing Nintendo games.
  • rubezzz79Good luck on playing games with the same story lines and controls for the ps3/Xbox.
  • beyondmany@jangosnow maybe I'll hold off until the wiiu is $100
  • jangosnow@rubezzz79 hell yea! Mario kart!
  • jangosnow@beyondmany that'll be a while! Isn't it like 300-350 still?
  • jangosnowSuper Metroid was definitely an awesome title. Good for Nintendo to keep that alive. One of their strengths are their established and beloved characters & franchises. As far as console rivalry, it's really apples and oranges to me.
  • nic_whatuleWho needs that I got the original
  • josephdilecce@francojmr its 30 cents?
  • francojmrJust buy the original and be done with it. It is the best way to play them anyway.
  • sa3futureI want a Wii U ):
  • retronomicsWow!
  • scottibuzRealistic prices XD
  • quichdelvynAmazing bargains. It feels like I'm stealing from Nintendo getting such a good game so cheap.
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