Ye killed it #Yeezy
  • bigseanYe killed it #Yeezy

  • a.r33zyI need to interview an inspiration for school can u answer
  • bigseantwin@bigseangood you my idol keep up the good work and keep making good music
  • bigseantwinBigSean Twin 😎I do it @bigseangood
  • judithguevara1Mind checking out my account?:)
  • ka_thewiseYall all up on big seans D I kno he a great rapper but damn ahaha
  • yuhuilNah kanyes new shit gay
  • barbieamorHey Hun answer yo phone
  • benjamin.miskasI LOVE YOU BIG SEAN <3
  • benjamin.miskasFINALLY FAMOUS
  • gumppppiWhat's up nigga
  • 5th1dharmonyGawsh your bio <3 I want to put that up some day <3
  • acendayOn the real dogg you are my idol! You seem like one of the nicest coolest dudes ever! You are my favorite rapper by far and I don't just say that about any rapper! Since 2009 you really became my favorite dogg! Hope to meet you one day B. I. G. Sean Don! And it's still fuck hoes get money lol!
  • acendayOhh and one more thing! I miss your old swag please come up with some sick shit like back in the days! You were the freshest rapper around! Your still fresh I just miss the old swagg!
  • ohyeah_tazBro u gotta come and perform at cass again
  • lauren.spence_Your video series inspire me so much! They have taught me: to never stop chasing my dreams, to never give up, to love my family and friends with everything I have and to always visualise what it will feel like when your dream finally comes true because then that feeling will always keep you motivated. Thank you Big Sean! 👌☺
  • sosseaidsCongrats on 900k followers lil bitch @bigseangood 🙌🙌🙌
  • ellebelle1014new slave.
  • iamlerumo@laurenlouisespence yea their so good
  • lauren.spence_@l_steezy haha yes, they're amazing
  • thelilly6💜💜💜💜💜
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