Eloise getting her little toes done today at the party...
  • deniserichardsEloise getting her little toes done today at the party...

  • mrs__dearSo sweet.. 💗
  • chelsina@miriyummm my feet!! 😉
  • amanda_k_mccOMG! Baby Feet!!! Love little piggies!
  • j_e_m_m_09Aww how cute! :)
  • jimnsarah9Oh my goodness, how sweet.
  • keila.mgHa ha so cute 😘
  • monicsj25Cute
  • evieparisAwww....Tiny little tootsies
  • sparklejewelNice color
  • nicollettesingsAwwww so cute
  • hayden016Awww
  • dangermouse56Mommie, do my Nails.. You are just a wonderful Mother, person and friend. Going on what's being reported has a ring of truth.. It appears that Brooke is an addict, and, addicts lie, cheat and steal.. I really from a Mother's perspective, think she should loose custody altogether.she is chasing that Dragon, and it appears that's what she spends her time doing, looking for that next hit.. She is not concerned about the twins.. God Bless you Denise..and, brook, you need to hit your knees and pray for help in finding your sobriety.. This is not something I pulled from my ass.. My sister and I lived with and addict, and if that wasn't enough, she was verbally and physically any abusive.. And, she to this day, is still narcissist!!
  • niecey427Adorable!!
  • jennsagypsyLittle piggies !!!
  • bellalv629@deniserichards_officialpage aww... ❤ Little feet !!
  • abbydavvissSuper sweet :)
  • beingtwistedAw cute feet
  • scotchnaturalsIt was our pleasure! She was so sweet and patient.
  • danifilipova💅👸
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