Long Live the Memories! #KingsAllDay

See a 6-second version of Long Live the Kings trailer video by checking out Sacramento Kings on Vine!
  • sacramentokingsLong Live the Memories! #KingsAllDay

    See a 6-second version of Long Live the Kings trailer video by checking out Sacramento Kings on Vine!

  • jtlebou@heckenschutze09 how did anything you say prove that the preseason matters? Also, when they go down the team has to learn to play together, it takes almost a year of no injuries for a team to come together, example, the heat, what happened when Westbrook went down? The thunder went down, come on guy, reread your comment and realize you did not say a thing, and you know what, I'm OK with a first round sweep, the Lakers have won 5 chips in my lifetime and the future looks bright with Howard, but have fun being irrelevant queens fan
  • heckenschutze09@uncouthbastard lol 0-8 and they can't come back to do anything great. It matters can't be more obvious. The heat knows how to play together. There egos arent stopping them like the lakers
  • heckenschutze09Westbrook went down but it wasn't bc he was out they lost plus thunder doesn't have as many stars as the Lakers lol
  • heckenschutze09Lol Yea I'm a Kings fan, always have been and always will be
  • heckenschutze09What does that have to do with the Lakers getting swept? They are suppose to be great right? Lol guess not
  • innocencieJ-will
  • jordzniccolopeja and bibby!! best year ever
  • _whitechoc_Jwill baby!!!!
  • heckenschutze09@uncouthbastard u mad bro?
  • jtlebou@heckenschutze09 I'm mad at your incompetence, yes
  • serge_r_jrLmao @heckenschutze09 leave the poor @uncouthbastard alone, can't you see he still can't get over getting swept, so he has to vent somehow... smh, how pathetic...
  • heckenschutze09@uncouthbastard lol your mad at me bc I am somehow incompetent? Please do explain. @serge_r_jr Yea but its funny especially since the game 4 against the spurs all the Lakers fans were shouting, "refs suck" or "we want Phil". Lol no support for their dwindling team. Least when the kings lost in 2002 it went to game 7 and the refs did suck cuz they were paid. Lakers just sucked from the beginning of preseason.
  • heckenschutze09@uncouthbastard what do you believe preseason is for? Apparently you don't think it matters and that makes me incompetent. So why is the preseason so heavily looked at by analysts and sports announcers? All cuz it doesn't matter right? :face palm:
  • serge_r_jrWhat's really hilarious is the way laker fans were at the begining of season "we going 76-10" and what not lmao @heckenschutze09
  • heckenschutze09@serge_r_jr hahaha exactly. I live in SoCal and have to deal with these ppl daily. Everyone kept thinking the Lakers were great even after a 0-8 preseason. I kept saying it matters and their record proved it. Look at the beginning and middle and even close to the end of the season. Only within weeks of the playoffs the Lakers barely pushed past .500 lol all I gotta say is, the Kings are going to come back and dominate once more and nothing is going to stop them.
  • serge_r_jrThey just need some veterans, we have a lot of young talent and no one to be role models for them @heckenschutze09
  • heckenschutze09@serge_r_jr Yea well new owners. New money. Maloofs couldn't afford veterans hence the young talent. That's all going to change now
  • serge_r_jrWell look at it this way, we got ALOT of young talent so we should be good for a while once we get good lol @heckenschutze09
  • fleeperzThis was the team. Sacramento here we stay.,
  • hberry_@sacramentokings my all time favorite team ❤🏀❤
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