Young Men making big moves! #Slydz @d_smith50 @biannucci_slydz
  • teamswishYoung Men making big moves! #Slydz @d_smith50 @biannucci_slydz

  • kickz_2_fligh@marc_5523 haha it's not his fault either when his dumbass punched a fire extinguisher & fucked his hand up huh.. LMAO u lame bro if u think that!
  • kickz_2_fligh@justshay for real .. Like he lost the whole series.. J. Kidd didn't have a good series either.
  • huffff@datnickga j kidd was never our 2nd option after melo... Jr was.
  • kas718Get the fuck off the team bitch don't come back take ur bullshit elsewhere #fag @teamswish
  • kas718Make me sick watching fuck up on purpose
  • crblakecpaWell be better next year, hopefully more time together with Felton, Amare staying healthy and no mo elbows my dude!! Lmfao, it's a game though! We had the best season and most accomplishments! Tyson making $14 mil! Not mad but Hibbert owned us! Tyson need that FT jumper to open up lanes. Bigs need passing drills for easy back door cuts! Next year! #Knickstape
  • kas718Some ppl just act like they tryin to help @teamswish i c u i ain't studip GET YA DUM ASS OFF UR TEAM WE DON'T WANT U
  • sammpurrez@datnickga he hated his Denver team, hated playing for ur city and talked shit about his Denver coach .. He hates you too
  • maestro_pleaseYa'll don't know shit about no basketball. .. Basketball is a team sport, not a one man game... woodson should have stayed with the small line up he used through out the whole season which caused to win 50+games and the knick should have never let indiana take their home court in the first game... melo wasn't connecting in the last minutes of the game, he should have passed the ball to the hot hands... at the end of the day, this is a team sport....#knicksallday#sticktowharyouknow#smalllineupitis#stoppointingfingersat1person#50+season#atlanricdivisionchamps#6thmanoftheyear @teamswish #scoringtitle @melo #ilovemyteam#grindmodefornextseason#trueknickfan
  • alloutpatThis guy is so overrated.. And had the nerve to want more money on his contract.. It's cool cause statistics say the way he's going he'll be broke 5 years after retirement.... #nextyearwegotit #nydoesntneedyou #moneywasted #youalwaysmiss
  • r.i.pxI still love u jr its not all your fault
  • anglo_saxYo JR, u dont deserve to be on the knicks. Go to rehab, u clearly have substance abuse problems
  • kickz_2_fligh@samaliciouss lmao u nothing about basketball 😂😂funniest shit I've heard ,if he hated his team in Denver then why the fuck did he go to NY to play with Carmelo, Kmart, Felton,camby all of his formers nuggets teammates .?? Wak ass knicks fan !". u guys are gnna blame a bench player for ur series loss . funny shit..GET THE HELL ON FELICIA!"😂👊
  • flicksbyhubIf JR is consistent he can be Melos wingman. We all know he has the talent.
  • jganes98@smitt_ stop knocking J.R for having a social life, when you and me and everyone else has social networking accounts. The only difference between you and him is that he is a world class hoops player . He is entitled to use social networks odd the court
  • blackfonz77Fukin haters,.weak mother fuckers...
  • blackfonz77I.g eat a dick... but wait a min u probably doin that around, stop I. G
  • blackfonz77Stop I. G gangstar u fuckin wit the wrong 1
  • slydz@teamswish @bern @dimitriussmith. MIAMI
  • horashi_Yoo
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