Drawing my next video 😚
  • michellephanDrawing my next video 😚

  • elwianamonicaI cried ! Ur video was so touching
  • werica111I just wanna say that you are the best youtuber and I believe that God made u for great purpose
  • kimly7190Your draw my life video really good! I enjoy watching it. Some parts were really sad like how your dad left you and I could really tell you were crying and no one blames you for crying because I would also but it's okay
  • marw.aaaaYou are truelly insperational ur videos are amazing and it helps all the beauty gurus
  • leamarchlnycSaw the vid and I must say u are avery string girl after all that has happened to u
  • zarafizakhanI started to cry when your dad left you :(
  • zarafizakhanStay strong
  • x.victoriaaaa.xIt was amazing Michelle I shed a tear a little bit 😒 but I'm 😎cool
  • ilysbninaEeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk
  • lia.xsxoI think ur draw my life was the best one i have seen
  • cooldudet11Yay
  • cooldudet11I saw it
  • noneofyourbusinessiswhoiamWatched it it is awesome
  • itzmichxlleWatched and subbed
  • fica_b@michellefawn i did cried watching it, ur previous life is tough. And now looked at you, you managed to get through it, u r so amazing and inspiring
  • ivirarmentaAmazing video!
  • rufamae30Done watching @michellefawn
  • navgrewal_@michellefawn the video is amazing. You and your family are very strong. It's very inspiring.
  • helinadineslol may 17 the my bday
  • sophia.medranoI watched it and u did really good
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