What can I say? I've always been cool. #tbt
  • mzlizzleWhat can I say? I've always been cool. #tbt

  • jennyjumpupStylin'!
  • britanysimonThe belt is a clever choice! ;)
  • mzlizzle@britanysimon I think it really ties together the cat sweatshirt and acid wash jeans!
  • mzlizzle@emdazzzle there may or may not be a photo at my parents' house with you in the same getup.
  • stuffemilydoes@mzlizzle we were definitely putting on a fashion show for grandma pat and our parents. We'd go up into the playroom (the one with the white daybed and plastic giraffe full of toys), then parade down the stairs. It's one of my most vivid memories, actually. I've tried to remember pretty much every second with her. ♥
  • mzlizzle@emdazzle Yes! So fun.❤
  • jeffromaniukThis is straight up epic.
  • jillobieLove it ...and like your fabulous Momma always said "accessorizing is the key to fashion."
  • mzlizzle@jillobie clearly she taught me well!
  • bpatrickflynnThis is so good.
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