Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf speaks with media on locker clean out day
  • mapleleafsLeafs captain Dion Phaneuf speaks with media on locker clean out day

  • york51_u bro @kallijerkins obviously hes better than me. im not an NHL player.... VETERAN NHL PLAYER WISE this guy is a piece of shit. and on bostons 4th goal, hell yeah i would do better. atleast id TRY to move chara outta the way. i wouldnt let him screen my fucking goalie when its 30 seconds til we make it to the next series. #retard #tradeDion
  • kallmclaughlin@york88_ I am not your "bro" I am a teenage girl you prick. And I don't give two shits I still love him as a player.
  • york51_HAHA okay that explains your lack of knowledge of hockey and u not noticing the disgrace that is dion phaneuf
  • dristossos@york88_ totally agree
  • scotian_potion_Is he traded yet? Lets get rid of him. Lupul for captain!!!
  • adamargo45You are the best
  • york51_@j_duvernet good to see u take the time to stalk my profile and envy my physique. suck a dick baud. yeah i definitely dont know hockey having played for 14 years and watching since a new born
  • york51_u fuckin waste yute
  • nickpetro136I think if we would trade him we should pay for him and give him to a team for free
  • kevinshivnauth12@york88_ completely agree with everything you said. The only people who like phanuef are the young adolescent horny idiots. Have no understanding of the game whatever. As a guy off the ice, he's a prick. While almost EVERY leafs captain alive attended Sundin's commemorative party, phanuef did not attend as he was most likely fucking the dog. He's the reason why game 4 we lost, he's the reason why the leafs were eliminated. Sure he gets that odd goal that anyone can tip in in Game 6 but other than that, he is a disgrace and a let down to his team mates. Anyone who believes phanuef is a good player, clearly has NO knowledge in the game. Take it from people who've been watching the Leafs from a young age and seen much more better players.
  • york51_@kevinshivnauth12 Yeah man. bottom line this guys hard to watch. Imagine if we had a defencemen actually worth 6.5 mil a year. like Brent Seabrook of the Chicago blackhawks. we would be set to go deep into playoffs. Our only experienced "lead" defenceman is a deficit to our team. I can't help but think when im watching that Reimer HATES when phaneuf is on the ice. Gonna be hard to watch next season after seeing dions fuckery repeatedly and especially in game 7. Atleast we are getting some pure heart and soul (something our captain is completely lacking) with Bolland and Clarkson. Huge fan of the way clarkson leads the devils during the playoffs. #hopefornextyear
  • kevinshivnauth12@j_duvernet lmfaooo I can't write grammatically correct sentences right Mr. "Some vast knowledge of hockey". Say it out loud big boy. Some and vast have contradictory meanings and that is not an oxymoron. Plus I didn't know my comment was going to be submitted to an English teacher. Stop defending phanuef and wake up to reality. He's supposed to provide the leafs with a veteran presence on the blue line but easily I could say little JML does a much better job. he plays the game with more heart. If you want to constantly defend him, what do you say after each time he's responsible for a goal? "Oh it's just another mistake? No biggie". Want to know what's a big deal? His plus minus rating in the playoffs. #Garbage
  • york51_@j_duvernet listen bro ur really starting to piss me off. but ive realized something... You dont know shit about hockey. And your just a homo with a thing for dion phaneuf. First of all, last week the first thing u commented on about me was my physique.. (gay). Second of all your bio on your profile is just "Dion Phaneuf". (also gay). Nothing against gays, being gay is perfectly fine and respectable.. but you cant just act like u know shit about hockey and suck up to dion phaneuf just because u wanna put his dick down your throat. @kevinshivnauth12 dont even reply to this fool any more. "plus/minus is the stupidest sport in hockey". -biggest retard on instagram.. hahaha too fucking funny
  • kevinshivnauth12@york88_ lol I'm done with these idiots man. They have absolutely no understanding the game of hockey except for the fact big guys are "useful" and a black thing goes in a net. You guys wanna tell me how big dions dick is? To be called the captain of Toronto is a disgrace. I'm not saying the leafs arent legit. Best team full of beauties working their ass off night in and out. It's just in my opinion, some don't pull their weight and live up to expectations. @donhouston15 @j_duvernet, I'd like to ask you guys one question. Do you honestly believe Dion deserves to wear the C putting him among the greats such as Sitler, Sundin, Clark, Vaive, Armstrong, Kenddy? Does Dion fit that category? If you answer yes, clearly leafs nation has some ignorant fans. I play the game at a competitive level, @york88_ plays the game at a competitive level, no disrespect but the plus minus stat means a lot to me. It shows how useful and how productive you are on the ice. If you constantly get scored on but don't produce enough on your shift, what the hell are you doing for your hockey club? You're just out there for shits and giggles. I have no time to argue anymore with idiots and cocksuckers of Dion.
  • taylorwasser@j_duvernet @donhouston15. Dion❤
  • carterwill_44@kevinshivnauth12 stfu
  • saigestorino@j_ward9 OMG some one finally agree with me Phaneuf is awesome this really late lol u left that comment 15 weeks ago but Phaneuf is awesome and the haters need to shut up
  • mattlevac16Phaneuf is a pylon
  • autumngreer_12❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Dion Phaneuf
  • chase_rinnePhaneuf is kind of slow, and he plays against the top lines. He's actually good, just a little slow
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