The cuteness overwhelms me
  • rosieThe cuteness overwhelms me

  • missheatherbrownAdorable!
  • missheatherbrownMiss seeing you on tv every day :(
  • samdefranThose eyes and lips, adorbs!
  • 1ka2kaGood morning sweet cheeks
  • keating_4everA happy baby is always a good thing! Adorable
  • nicbug555What a little pumpkin 
  • mkindelanMy ovaries are doing somersaults! Swoon....
  • ladyoctAs it should!! :)
  • christyannkyAwwww. What a lil doll baby!!
  • lyricfireBright eyes
  • maryneverlandWell put 👼
  • auntiemegabeast@rosie not sure if you ready all your comments but I love following u. You are a great mom. My siblings and I lost my mum to metastatic breast cancer at Christmas. I'm hoping to cheer my sister up with a Melissa Etheridge concert in June. Her songs about her battle with cancer have always hit home and now even more so. Cherish your babies I'm sure they cherish you 💗
  • lissamagarrellI love seeing all the photos you post Rosie! You are a great mom! <3
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