Proof that relationships can grow #tbt #mentor #cinco #mjkb #differentanimalsamebeast
  • kobebryantProof that relationships can grow #tbt #mentor #cinco #mjkb #differentanimalsamebeast

  • jordanmeltonsMy dad committed suicide by drugs. My dad had major health problems, but always loved basketball. He was 50 and watched many basketball games and players. I'm 16 and my whole life all I remember is Phil Jackson and Kobe. Those were always my favorite memories. I know the odds of you reading this is small, but I want to thank you for being my inspiration, not in the game of basketball, but for everything you do. When you leave the nba, the memories of me and my dad watching you play, will be way in the past. Those are my favorite memories.
  • therealxmandamCome to the Knicks please
  • _iicewaterzCome to knicks kobe next year you do it with melo yall two together is unstoppable get back with Phil it will be beautiful I would love for you to get that six ring it would be crazy!!!!
  • benjigolubitskyHappy birthday Kobe!!!!!!
  • chyllmatic_COME TO THE KNICKS THEN
  • jackpotjimmy93Happy birthday big dawg! Get em' champ! @lakerkobebryant93
  • ianramanatavery sad u are retiring
  • bimbo37The Lakers need Phil Jackson to come back!
  • _tino02He ain't gonna change the team we have no weapons but d Russ and Kobe @bimbo37
  • snoop_tha_sky_walkaDid coach Phil Jackson treat you as a son? And did you look up too him as a father, on and off the hardwood? Are is it something yet and still that has too be challenged after you are extinct from the hardwood classic?
  • ovo_bryceRetire and sit out one year and come back and play for the 2017-2018 season!
  • satpalsamra@rasode10 remember when you were coaching?
  • fameolousent_Best ever to play💯
  • emiliano.cisnerosGreatest coach ever
  • foxyhousewife#mamba4spacejam2
  • pternitisjamesAre you saying he did it
  • pternitisjamesSo we could lose
  • timothy.reigel🐉
  • _devon.pacheco_Last
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