Not a bad way to spend the morning :) #nofilter #veniceintheAM
  • rondarouseyNot a bad way to spend the morning :) #nofilter #veniceintheAM

  • mbatista911Umm I think ill may be wrong it looks to me like an Argentina Dogo which I love it too, it's just that he don't have his ears crop. Y su pecho es mas estrecho que lod Amex.
  • timmy_p123I love you
  • bruno_rmo@by_anacarolina olha que lindo
  • by_anacarolina@bruno_rmo lindo mesmo!!!
  • sour_d14Wow @rondarousey you are one of the most beautiful athletes I've ever seen! I love that you are the best yet you still are extremely humble and very classy. Probably the classiest lady athlete out there. Keep doin what you do, your the best at it. You got tons of people who idolize you for who you are. Congrats on being the champion, you definitely deserve it! :)
  • akillesrougueDitto
  • notorioussteveoLooking Good
  • rubenleonmThat's a dogo argentino, rigth?
  • whatnowcustoms<3
  • jockhiltzis your pup a white boxer? Cutest thing ever! I had to put my guy down a month ago... hardest thing ever...
  • gagi001@jockhiltz hugs
  • keithhiscoxLove your dog!!
  • keithhiscoxDogo Argentino?!?
  • georgegroeg001Dogo's for life! #dogo #dogoargentino #dogosofinstagram #argentinedogo
  • starz420You are an amazing person such an inspiration
  • biggamasrickamasBeautiful
  • ayoo.jimmyUr so beautiful wish I could have ur autograph 😍❤️😘
  • devinalexciaCan i have your dog?😶😶
  • pepe.markOk im just gonna call itquit
  • pepe.markGrrrrrr lol hate when that happens lol like I was trying to say haha was I'm just gonna have to call it quits cuz im sure I can go on forever n post comment after comment n i can only imagine that eventually you gotta get bored and tired of all the OMG YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL AND BLAAAAH BLAAAAH BLAAAAH... I'm assuming guilty as the next guy so like I said I'm just gonna stop lol... HUGE FAN YOU'RE THE SHIT ,-)))))
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