#Leafs Locker Clean Out Day: Phaneuf, Reimer, Fraser, Franson:
  • mapleleafs#Leafs Locker Clean Out Day: Phaneuf, Reimer, Fraser, Franson:

  • abballe87F u Dion you stink your slow you pinched and costed us the gamee
  • daniel.disantoI know @ranvir08 and @abballe87 he sucks
  • mc_mike17Maybe you should watch the pinch again! Cuz they had 3 leafs and 3 boston players in the leafs zone 2 which the leafs covered and one that o'bryan let skate in so close and take that shot. O'bryan should have Laid down and he would have got the puck and took out the player. Don't forget dions pinch that helped us win the game to take us to game 7
  • stevebirnieLeads team in minutes. Is always on the ice vs other teams top line. Plays toughest minutes in the league. Plays first PK unit. Still in top ten on scoring by defencemen. Last two Leafs coaches, with decades of NHL experience praise him to the skies. Counter argument: durrrr he sux lol durrrr
  • kobymitchLeafs suck
  • humlainMakes me wanna cry and smile at the same time. LOL. Love these guys! Thanks for a great season!!
  • jania.a__@humlain Same here! They are a FANTASTIC TEAM and played a great season!❤👏😘👏👏👏👏
  • andreamaterka85Why don't you chirping crickets go on the ice and play NHL? Exactly! Chirp chirp!
  • andreamaterka85Lupul should be captain but the constant injuries aren't good :(
  • the_mack_pack_5Thanks boys for all the excitement this year. Great young team, things are just beginning for the Leafs. Can't wait till next year!
  • hockeyman2140youngest team in the league nut one of the best
  • bendimitrisPoor reimer. He probably thinks he did a bad job, when really he is my hero
  • jacobdasilva_Ya way to go @torontomapleleafs on a great season #beleaf #lovethisteam #leafsnation #goleafsgo
  • queenofawesome03Where is my Lupul? :(
  • kobymitchNo I'm pretty sure the leafs suck @mayaamir2000
  • jaime_9_Leafs rock
  • slap_shot_manYou suck @tendyswag_35
  • kobymitchBlows a 4-1 lead in the third period yeah the leafs are amazing @extremedaniel19
  • slap_shot_manShut dangen up
  • followaaronmyers_Reimer my hero
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