Program from 40 years ago. #NYRBelieve
  • nyrangersProgram from 40 years ago. #NYRBelieve

  • cbear1314@blhiser2 how old are you? Twelve? @nomad278 and oh PLEASE YOU BEAT THE LEAFS CONGRATS!!! WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT
  • ac_lyonsI <3 you @nomad278 . Watch the game
  • statefarmemployeeI'm sorry, I didn't realize that you have enough hockey experience to judge professional athletes who, regardless of who the beat in the playoffs, are still extremely talented.
  • statefarmemployeeMy bad
  • flowseidonBoth the caps and the leafs finished with 57 points. And the caps played in one of the worst divisions in hockey. So lets have a good series. #bruins
  • statefarmemployeeIt doesn't matter what any of us say on Instagram. What matters is what happens on the ice.
  • col_716@nomad278 if your a Bruins fan why are you on a Rangers ig page ?
  • fred_kearnes@nomad278 gets it. The ice settles everything. #InstagtamWinners
  • statefarmemployeeAs I said before, @coleen716, i saw the picture on the popular page and decided to check it out.
  • berto_5150Messier is a fag
  • jack_ussmannYour a fag
  • statefarmemployee*says the 8 year old*
  • I'm sorry about some of these people I am a huge ranger fan but I don't let hockey get in the way of my common sense like some if these ppl not everybody who is a ranger fan is like this and I appreciate your respect @coleen716 had no jurisdiction to say shit like that to u good luck and like u said let's just let the ice settle it
  • jparsley35Omg its instagram ppl..relax #nyr
  • cat_velez225@gianna_giacomin How awesome! #1! Go Rangers!
  • isarnaboldi#tbt
  • col_716@nomad278 my apologies , I just Dnt understand why ppl go on rangers ig page and start talking BS , not that you did so again my apologies to you ! We have these other teams fans come on here and they have their own teams ig page , I would never go to any other teams page and start anything , but when they start talking crap it rallies me up , yes I let it get the best of me . I'm a Die Hard Ranger Fan all my life born and raised to love the team win or lose ! Again my apologies .
  • c.costich11Go b's
  • timerwinGo b's
  • blout_It's on 😡
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