• durbinrock...

  • hailey.crockerLol
  • babyy.faithUr my idol!!:)
  • durbhugyou take me a way from idol and you are a star in are harts to you and gave you lots and lots of your music comeing out soon and be the big time star in CA and LAX star and that is you
  • johnnydepprocksAgh I met u and I cried like a baby
  • ccarleycasiooUr my idol!!! ❤
  • durbhugyou are in my hart and a Angle
  • anna.valentineI love to infinity and beyond! You are forever and always my idol James Durbin!
  • durbhugOk he is mu idol
  • anna.valentine💛💙💜💚❤💗💓💕💖💞💘❤💚💖💓💞💜💘💖💗💙💚💞💜💕💘💖💗❤💚💖💞💜💕💖💘💗❤💛💛❤💖💗💕💞💜💘💙💓💚💛❤💗💘💕💞💓💙💚💜💛❤💗💞💚💘💕💙💓💛💜💘💕💞💗💙💜💛💙❤😋💞💓💘💗❤💜💙💖💞💕💘💗💛💓💖💘💞💞💛💜💖💞💗❤💚💙💖💘💕💛💗💖💞💕❤💞💛💖💗💘💕💜💙💓💚💘💕💖💞💖💚💚💘💕💛💕❤💗💖💜💓💛💚💛💙💕💙💕❤💜💗💓💞💕💘💖💞💗💛💓💙❤💜
  • durbhuggave this man a rock and roll 
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