Dinner! #paleo
  • whatiworeDinner! #paleo

  • whatiworeMinus the shrimp and it would be #vegan very easy summer dinner dish! And sooooo full.
  • ilse__pThat looks so yummy
  • jkschroederYour meals always make me want to start eating paleo!
  • nshadeWow! My mouth is watering...salad or roasting the veggies?
  • whatiworeA light pan cooking of the green beans, squash and tomatoes. Zucchini, radishes and tomatoes were raw!! EVOO, lemon juice and S&P
  • lauraahawkinsSimple and delish! Nicely done
  • omgbubbiesI am making the same thing for dinner except just using roasted squash and red potatoes
  • weliveonludlowAre green beans paleo?
  • whatiworeThey are as far as the #whole30 people are concerned (and they don't give us any issues!)
  • orchidgreyThis looks awesome, I need to get more creative. I feel like we're in a sort of paleo rut right now, relying on the same old things.
  • whatiworeI know what you mean, @orchidgrey We sort of feel into that too, but are trying to take more turns with cooking and coming up with some pretty delicious things!
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