My view. Chinatown. Nyc. Back to work.
  • chefazMy view. Chinatown. Nyc. Back to work.

  • nordeastprodIs that Stephanie producing?
  • tomjamsjmPost some interesting delights please!
  • jpatsosbakin@chad_norman go say what up
  • kayceetwigBecause of you, my husband and I are obsessed with Congee Village and Bowery! We go everytime were in NYC.
  • msantora2Right up the street at burger and barrel, maybe I'll swing through and creepily stare at you filming!!
  • angeleigh18Soooooo wish I was there right now!
  • sugarhoneyicetee82Yes!!
  • davekidderThe looks on their faces, "put your phone away Andrew!!!"
  • asiaholicO nooo I have to eat and get paid stupid money while hungry people watch....
  • richardsonartistNice
  • heart135New York yesss
  • acasebierThat's my tall friend Ben!!!
  • stickyhandzPell st?
  • muppiemerri@chefaz Go to The Ice Cream Factory on Mott for the Durian Ice Cream! I promise you won't gag! :)
  • aquabestincAaahhh you're at the neighborhoods I grew up in!! @chefaz
  • aquabestincYou need to try the small Malaysian joint in the middle of Doyer st. Basement. The curry dried lomein with eggplant, fried tofu skin, fish balls, and tofu stuffed with fish paste. It's delicious! @chefaz
  • candlefireflyPlease come to Spartanburg, South Carolina! Can't wait to see your new season. 😊
  • doodleszxpIt was nice seeing you today! :)
  • julsmnI'm headed there tomorrow, need anything from MN ;)? Any GF favorites in NYC?
  • jackfstewardBen and Lundy!!! Miss all of you guys
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