kind of gross, but this is what happened when I removed my eye makeup. #keepinitreal #warpaint
  • michellephankind of gross, but this is what happened when I removed my eye makeup. #keepinitreal #warpaint

  • corinamitinSo much
  • c.diosai thought it was eggs when i scrolled past it
  • dasia0402I thought it was rotten eggs
  • dafurrypeopleI thought it was a sea food pudding or soup and was thinking to myself I will never be open to try what looks like wale barf after eating too much octopi, boy I was way off!
  • look like old Pepsi logos hahaha
  • j.panchal_😱Eww
  • stefaniaolariuLol this looks like sephora's logo
  • leahschofielddThat's a lot of make up x 😱
  • ashafina17Whoa
  • abriana.eUgh yea no shit it's mascara and concealer probably why are people freakin out talkin bout "omg that's so much makeup" "you must go through a lot in a week" like wtf she's a makeup guru....
  • abriana.e@honor_mae well she is a makeup guru? It is her job? Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂
  • abriana.e@corinamitin she's a makeup guru. Makeup is her job.
  • abriana.e@leahlelly123 she's a makeup guru. Makeup is her job.
  • laura.jpegThat's not even a lot guys. That's like under eye concealer and eyeliner. Y'all need to calm down 😂
  • leahschofielddGod just saying its alot @abiraquel !!
  • _ashlynn.richey_You are so fabulous even yo make wipes have cat eyes 😉
  • sezendjoumaYou don't even need makeup, you're far too fabulous anyway!
  • xomzphan@michellefawn writing on an old pic just cuz lol but I know it sucks having people bring up whether you did your chin or not just want to let you know that none of that matters and whether or not you did or did not do is your business and regardless I'm still (em)powered but what you've done! I'll save enough money to try your life palette soon! Keep it up you've always been beautiful in my eyes :)
  • rrachelyangEwwwww
  • esszeeeLooks like the sephora logo
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