Comment with your cooking questions for Melissa d'Arabian and she might answer you on FN Dish.
  • foodnetworkComment with your cooking questions for Melissa d'Arabian and she might answer you on FN Dish.

  • willowmeroWhat is a healthier way to cook using a crockpot. Everything seems to be saucy and that normally equals sugar!
  • christinaroserahnMelissa! I love your show. Do you have any ideas for make-ahead $10/dinner meals that are super easy to re-heat later in the week? Thanks!
  • mrdonutboy@foodnetwork how can I create 2-3 apps for a wine party that is both unique and inexpensive.
  • cristinamarie28What are your best tips for a college student on the go with limited cooking ability who also is crunched for time and needs to eat gluten free on top of it all? Help!!!
  • ellie_mckinneyDo you have any tips for making a dessert that it delicious but although healthy?
  • rcornett88I want a good recipe for sour cream sauce. Just like you get at a Mexican restaurant. Thanks!
  • blondiespaleojourney@ellie_mckinney you should check out all of the #keto and #paleo recipes on IG there are TONS of healthy dessert recipes. I even have some on my blog 👍
  • blondiespaleojourney@cristinamarie28 you should really look at some of the #paleo and #glutenfree items on IG, there is a wealth of knowledge on this site and a ton of people that are willing to help out. @paleoglutenfreerecipes is one of such people and she has an amazing gluten free site with options. I have options on my site as well 👍 ( just in case you don't hear back from food network on this 😀)
  • tamiann28What is proper way to deglaze a pan when you are cooking meat in batches? My bits always get too burnt by 2nd or 3rd batch.
  • dcable51Love her
  • yugyawdaorbCan't stand this phony ratchet hag! She's scary and boring at the same time! Get somebody new! #unrelatable #grossfood
  • pamcox225Love her and her show. She has recipes that are doable and that my family loves!
  • rachstagram1@suehill78 boil them. They are great that way. You can eat them like boiled potatoes. Basically anything you can do to a potato you can do to a plantain.
  • nikkigofsuDo you have any vegetarian or vegan recipes that would serve for your family under ten dollars? Other than just hummus or spaghetti?
  • hungrygirlcooks@chechelle23 Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion ;)
  • wineluvv@yugyawdaorb HahHa!!
  • twozeroateFunniest quotes when taken out of context with their original comments: "...she might answer you on F'n dish." & "My bits always get too burnt..."
  • twozeroate@shannonbennett71 Probably clumps from using too much flour. Roux is one-part fat and one-part flour. Also, turning the heat down while mixing your roux will help to avoid clumps.
  • suod007👍👍🌹🌹
  • danny1959Nice
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