Here is another way for you guys to get in touch with me directly
  • akonHere is another way for you guys to get in touch with me directly

  • vaali_vsNice cars
  • claysipesDouche* @dwm1212
  • kingofthestreets300Yoooooo @akon holla me please
  • dutchmaddogg@akon I'm a dope writer. Let's work!!! Worked with national to local artist
  • stayschinkedDat lion is handsome , just like u @akon
  • hadleyysmithI love you so much @akon
  • isatou0129Hi Akon, please work with Senegambia Productions in ATL Ga.
  • joejackjones_Love uuuu plzzz notiiice meeeee
  • sannaroustaIs there coming any new album this year?? <3
  • amater7I want lion with 2 doors and 4 Aircondetion and could u make it blue please!!! ((The balck lion))
  • realdealree@akon hey I just want to say you are very gifted/talented
    You've inspired me to keep pushing. Ive been rapping since 14 i had 2 singles out & now I have my own internet show called >TheGreatExsposure on Youtube check it out. I am trying to help local artist become noticeable. I been thru alot over the years but i thank you for working hard and showing us anything is possible. Thanx :)
  • nicole_breezy_x
  • cassandraciceronIm registered to this website and i absolutely love it!!!!!❤❤❤
  • a_016_a👍
  • dazzlingghemzKeep it up the good work my like akon
  • shaikha__almannaiAkon your my best singer
  • the music speaks for it self
  • wujun99Man
  • 1.lshxare you muslim?
  • lil_carlos_b@akon
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