What's this crazy wrap thing that can tone, tighten, and firm in 45 minutes?! Message me for more information doitforyouwrap@gmail.com #skinny #byebyefat #wrapparty #wrapaway #itworks #tighten #tone #firm #fitness
  • kaciegastonWhat's this crazy wrap thing that can tone, tighten, and firm in 45 minutes?! Message me for more information doitforyouwrap@gmail.com #skinny #byebyefat #wrapparty #wrapaway #itworks #tighten #tone #firm #fitness

  • kaciegaston@chelsea4516 you won't lose your results so you can do them every 72 hours! :)
  • kristinwalshockGet it girl! @kacielynnb
  • irinaem@kacielynnb details please.
  • b_rightside@kacielynnb Sorry Kacie, but I still stand by what I said. Instead of asking about the product, I did some of my own research to get unbiased information. Also, I think we just disagree on what is the best way to empower young women about their bodies. I am a medical student and I know how challenging and devastating eating disorders are. I truly believe that posts like these hinder more than help women with those same insecurities. I click on the hash tag you used, #skinny, and I see photos of girls struggling with eating disorders. I think that you are extremely beautiful and that you don't need dieting or body wraps. But I can clearly see that my opinion differs from yours and many others. I wish you all the best in your journey to stay healthy!
  • tiffanicolemanI was told to sleep with them on and tired it last night. I have been sick all day. :( @kacielynnb
  • kaciegaston@tiffanicoleman oh goodness! Email me at doitforyouwrap@gmail.com please
  • dyll29i@kacielynnb I'm skeptical about it after reading reviews off of amazon. Does it really work....?
  • kaciegaston@picmakr1818 results very from person to person. I've had personal success with these and so have@others I've wrapped. Also depends on a couple of variables that can hinder the best results
  • hope_glick@hstoltzfus got it. ;-)
  • adrianaalaviLets do itt @mrobincaplan
  • kathypena1Thanks Kacie for posting this, I emailed you for more info!!
  • valeriegnowJus to add to all that has been said..this wrap is something that @kacielynnb has tried and she felt make her look beautiful! And she wants the others to experience it too! I would love to tone my tummy!!! And if she feels that this could help? Y not? Maybe instead of being anorexic or bulimic..try this wrap to get the shape you want!! Jus my opinion :)
  • catzunigaDoes this really work?
  • thesredinsixCan't wait to try mine!!!
  • marygracecrumptonI emailed you about this! I know you are doing tornado relief. But please respond as soon as possible. I am going to the beach in 2 weeks!!
  • gabby41814Does it work?
  • denae_verbleWhat fat girl?! You're already beautiful!! @kacielynnb
  • jessmhammer@jaciebrooke @hails_hammer @evanorden_hammer @jordanhammer .... 😃👍👊... Ha
  • cindy2860If you stop using this will you go back to the way you were??
  • stephkelley72@b_rightside @adorably_nuts I agree with both. I tried them and it was a huge waste of money. They don't tell you that you need to drink their shake, use the gel & wraps. I found Body by Vi and it has everything I need in 1 product. A healthy shake.
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