Amy got suckered into a rock for a dollar scheme ;)
  • designspongeAmy got suckered into a rock for a dollar scheme ;)

  • shopcuriosityIt's important to support rock for a dollar schemes! I got my start in small business selling rocks hand-painted with nail polish alongside my mother at art shows when I was 4 or 5 :)
  • sugarmountainvintageshopIt's true!! Future rock hound<3
  • amyazzaritoI tried to also negotiate delivery for a quarter but got denied.
  • jessicalevin_My son sells rocks he has painted and hunted at first Friday art walk in Oregon He takes SO much pride in his set up, sales and customers. He is 5. Love it! Thank you all those who go for the rock for $1 scheme. xo
  • zarachowdharyYou're helping build a dream. :) stone by stone..
  • designspongeamy she shut you down like a pro. this girl is a brimfield master ;)
  • harbor_homestead_coOn the Northfork last summer a little girl was selling shells... My weakness too... I had to buy a few.
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