• instagramYou may have noticed in last week's update that the Instagram logo got a fresh look. Mackey Saturday (@saturday), a designer and typographer from Denver, Colorado, is the creative force behind Instagram's logo.

    An avid Instagrammer, Mackey committed himself to creating a logo that would resonate with the community: "My hope is that the new design maintains all the excitement and delight that Instagram has had from the beginning, but with an even more polished finish," Mackey says.

    Mackey spent countless hours collaborating with our team until the final design emerged. "I want people to know and see that every last detail is always being considered and that this is a place where they can confidently create and share new memories for years to come. I'm honored to have a part in helping further those moments and hope that this piece becomes synonymous with fond memories, joyful emotions, and thrilling aspirations for the community." See more of Mackey's photos at his profile @saturday, and browse more of his work at mackeysaturday.com

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