Working on a new blog post of my personal #bts pics and videos from the @selfmagazine cover shoot! Coming up on soon 😜
  • shaymWorking on a new blog post of my personal #bts pics and videos from the @selfmagazine cover shoot! Coming up on soon 😜

  • cassivxLMAOO who's trying to hurt people!? You're SOOO dramatic! OMG @agalleryartists
  • agalleryartists@cassivx by calling someone stupid or dramatic you are insulting them and insults hurt people. Stop it. Help people instead, don't try and make people feel bad. If you do that you make the world a worse place. Stop it.
  • zy.hira@agalleryartists I think all your comments of telling someone what they meant when you do even know her is "attacking" you are becoming the nasty one trying to tell people how to be. You should check yourself. I agree with @cassivx
  • agalleryartists@makeitrainear she was telling her that her legs were too skinny. That's not nice. The other girl was calling me stupid and dramatic. That's not nice. There is no point to be not nice to people because that causes harm. It's better to be friendly and to help people, not put them down.
  • misterphenom@shaym Shay I'd love to offer you a professional blog FREE of charge...
  • cassivx@agalleryartists For someone who SOO SURE about sharing the peace... shouldn't be saying that .... Isn't helping people a form of being nice? @makeitrainear So why go on this rant and rave about how everyone should be nice and helpful to people when your basically gonna turn around and say that "There is no point to be nice to people because that causes harm" You really seem to be making no sense at all........ ANYWAY. If you really want people to "help" each other then let me help you..... Stop talking/typing and put your mouth/fingers to something like protesting against other things that would actually make what you're saying make sense.... DON'T FORGET I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU! Which is what u want! :)
  • agalleryartists@cassivx it's really simple - don't criticise and attack good people. That's what I'm saying.
  • cassivx@agalleryartists I'm helping you! :) I hope you know there are two ways to take a compliment u could take it as a negative or positive... And U my sensitive friend seem to take such I pity little things as a negative!! Anyway I'm done with you! Don't bother mentioning me again! Cause legit u have some serious issues!! I don't know if you were bullied thats why your so sensitive but damn! Peace✌
  • agalleryartists@cassivx to criticise and attack is not helpful it is hurtful and hurting people causes harm. If you want to help people lift them up, don't push them down.
  • cassivx@agalleryartists your harassing me! Please stop! βœ‹ ENOUGH!
  • nicole.echevarriaShe is not harassing u @cassivx I agree with @agalleryartists
  • cassivxI don't care who you agree with! I said I'm done with this conversation! If you agree with her, go have a conversation with her and don't mention me! @nicole7504 :) PEACE ✌
  • haleyejones@austenharvey
  • haya.vhI really love ur legs
  • katevtattersallBeautiful lega
  • katevtattersallS
  • 123justin0987Thats not hot SHES hot!!😎
  • 123justin0987@whoa_joahua
  • mguapo23anti christ
  • megan.girouxDoes she even use Twitter
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