Touchdown!! Let my happy feet take me where they will... xX 
#jetset #travel #gratitude
  • itskcconcepcionTouchdown!! Let my happy feet take me where they will... xX
    #jetset #travel #gratitude

  • jade_mair@jurizaline how dare u say dat to KC? ayos ka lang?
  • ichiban143@jurizaline wow! Amazing words of wisdom! How wud u feel if pple call u that?! P....m...etc?
  • blessedyam@jurizaline japayuki ka kaya!
  • mama_coyAteng @jurizaline ayos ka Lang?? Huwag naman ganyan mabilis ang balik niyan saiyo!! (Karma) nag-aartista pa naman Anak mo sa TV5 Baka Mamaya yong words na sinabi mo sa kanya mapunta! Huwag masyadong mag yabang masakit pag lumagpak!!!
  • thatslana@jurizaline shut up! You obviously don't know anything about KC if you could make an ignorant comment like that. And judging from your pictures you're extremely arrogant and conceited. Uh look in the mirror because you're not much to look at all. 😁 Ugly plain face and personality to match. Karma is going to get you for sure. Don't understand why you're so big headed when you obviously met your husband while working at the bar ha ha ha! I mean you have "bar girl" written all over you!! Unfollow KC if you don't like her! Pathetic hater. 😈
  • tesymalay@jurizaline inggit ka lang teh! loser ka kc..
  • thatslana@jurizaline I pity your daughter. She isn't even popular and look at how you act. O_o Imagine if she DOES become well known, you'd be an even bigger monster than you already are. Oh wait, I doubt your kid will EVER succeed considering she looks like any other half white kid. Plain, nothing special, seen that type of face soooo many times before. Yawn. Mediocre. Lacks appeal, no X factor. Just trying to prove that being big headed will get you and your daughter absolutely nowhere. :)
  • pepper_81@jurizaline kaw naman parang di ka lumandi dun sa matandang puti... wag ganyan ang attitude bili ka muna Ng Chanel or LV para magkakasama class ka!
  • mariloudesagunHi KC. Nice shoes. Is that a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes?
  • kaloodi3Hi kc lab u take care always
  • yenmdyShe just want followers for her DD to be know db @jurizaline?? #justsayin wag n patulan kasi ngppansin lng yan lol
  • yenmdy*to be known... dpa ksi sikat lol
  • m.mccrmckMorocco!
  • mintflavah😝😝😝cge keep ❓❓❓lng
  • sheilz425What kind of shoes are those?
  • prettybabes79@xtina_ontherocks sooo looove your shoes!and the one who wears it!=)
  • iamgel_lyn23Nandito rin pala si @jurizaline grabe itong babaeng ito napaka nega mapansin lng ang anak nya na nag-aartista. Hndi sya marunong rumespeto ng kapwa. Ang dami nya kaaway
  • joeelleu r staying at the Atlantis, Kace?
  • thisislizarriolaKC is in Dubai!
  • princes_karimMay show ba si kc sa dubai
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