Patrice Bergeron in the Player of the Game jacket, after his series-clinching goal in OT #nhlbruins
  • nhlbruinsPatrice Bergeron in the Player of the Game jacket, after his series-clinching goal in OT #nhlbruins

  • paigedanielss@megcha97 @catkinkead @lexidaniels367
  • katie_fitz@imtimheath Canada, as a nation, did not win that cup two years ago. The Bruins, as a team, regardless of nationality, won that cup. Leave entire nation accreditation to the Olympics. Because there were players that were not Canadian on that team, should they not get credit for the win? Now, I will not argue that the majority of the greatest hockey players of all time have come out of Canada though, because that is completely true.
  • chrisnaysmith@koisythekid Red Sox fucking suck they have no chance and guess what the bruins lead the 2nd round 3-1 so shut up
  • koisythekid92Lol try not to lose the next two games and go to game seven again. Good luck against pittsburgh thats the end of the road homo.
  • koisythekid92@bruinsfan4llife
  • chrisnaysmithYeah right dumbass we made it this far and look at the replays of game 7 who was down by 4 goals ohh yeah that's right the bruins and look at the photo it's Bergeron the one who scored the game tying goal and the game winner in over time so guess what just watch tonight's game as the bruins whoop the rangers ass ---->>>homo @koisythekid lol
  • chrisnaysmithJk @koisythekid just stupid arguments over hockey that is what hockey fans do
  • koisythekid92Lol can you even skate? Fucking americans @bruinsfan4llife
  • chrisnaysmithNope but I have some of the best fucking wrist shots and stick handling you'd ever fucking see and I rollerblade I'm a beast at rollerblade hockey a beast @koisythekid lol
  • katie_fitz@koisythekid First, you complain about all the Americans bashing Canada, but then you sit here and call every American dumb. I'm glad that, unlike you, I don't generalize an entire nation of people. Because if I were to, I would think every Canadian was a rude, condescending jerk like you've proven yourself to be in your comments. Oh and I've been skating since I was four, so yeah there are Americans that know how to skate and some of us know how to skate really damn well. By the way, even if we were to lose at this point... when's the last time the Leafs got this far?
  • seawolf87@katie_fitz I agree with you 100% oh and @koisythekid I too can skate and last I checked you don't have to know how to skate to love and know hockey. Especially the fact that Bruins are a great team regardless and the Leafs screwed up. They underestimated the Bruins that's why they lost game 7 as well as they need a new goalie. Not being mean just stating the facts. Also that was rude to say all Americans are based off that one person. If I wanted to judge Canada based off of you I'd say Canada is a bunch of cry babies and won't admit that was a good series, but I'm not going to judge all of Canada just based off of who you are.
  • aurizavala@adamsalazar_
  • adamsalazar_Oh how I've been deprived of real men!!! @auriiez
  • briantonkin_Canada is better than the US all the way @straightupjd87
  • seawolf87Yah that's why Canada hasn't tried to start a war with us right? Lmao
  • colbykinzzHe deserves the "player of the game" ranger jacket every game
  • andrew_27_barberPeople.. There are good and bad people in EVERY country. No one is perfect so dont be saying Canadian people are whatever. American and Canadian people are fine.some countries are a bit off. So judge it on that or just don't say anything.
  • briansacco@meragz93 he deserved it
  • meragz93@briansacco unfortunate they couldn't win the cup that year
  • briansacco@meragz93 they didn't have insta in 2011 or I'd show you when they did. Scroll back to 67 and show me yours. LOL NERD. instagram didn't exist then
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