Warrior Princess
  • bugrobertsonWarrior Princess

  • rachkageLoving the outfit !
  • eleerLovely!
  • toodiegirl@lovethosetiges13 that was nice of you to say to her. I think she acted bitchy and loved it! She was entertaining and I relate with her because I wouldn't be so sweet to another woman dating my guy either haha. That's why I liked her.
  • bean_thereI can't wait to see the commercial warrior 🙅👑
  • lovethosetiges13@toodiegirl Yes there were times when she stirred it up.. but it wasn't until she was pushed. When 'Emily' (I think it was) first started on Courtney you could see it affected her.. but then she rose above it and it made her stronger. I think she thought bugger it..if they were going to think of her like that she would give as good as they had made her feel. The only thing wrong with that is it gave them proof..the ability to say 'see told you' .. but those actions came after their assumptions. I admired her strength .. instead of sucking up to them, being fake or losing self esteem ..she held her ground. Looking back on it she regretted it because it isn't naturally her..only when she is pushed.( sorry to talk about you Courtney..like you're not here)
  • meganlminor@bugrobertson You look gorgeous! ;)
  • makennamcbeeGorgeous! @bugrobertson
  • cag113You are a warrior princess. Strong and beautiful.
  • madelinmusicWerque!
  • dcaruso77You look great Courtney
  • jasdeepmann25Smokeshow
  • mrgglobalYow-zer!
  • karolinekalvoPerfect
  • meganlminor@bugrobertson what's it for? Commercial, photo shoot, movie? You look amazing, congrats on all your success. You are so #inspirational a strong independent woman I love it!
  • serenityoraclewow!
  • twit_terrificWow, one of the most beautiful photos I've seen in a while..
  • drfordblowsGoddess of hyruke
  • drfordblowsHyrule**
  • ericasknitsCommercial shoot for directtv. It's a good one.
  • felicia_does_her_best_in_lifeBeautiful I'm so jealous 😍
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