Happy Mother's Day!
  • emilygmaynardHappy Mother's Day!

  • tmymarc@emilygmaynard looks like me and my daughter from behind! Funny thing # 2 is.. I was born and raised in WV, too! 😘
  • tmymarc@emilygmaynard we could be cousins if you're related to the Perry's/Maynards from Wayne County. 😀
  • angelfox99Happy Mother's Day emily!
  • mmmmateoxoxoHappy mama day gorgeous!!!:-)
  • ukwildcatmom@emilygmaynard A beautiful & precious moment between mother & daughter. Happy Mother's Day Emily!!
  • preddietoniHappy Mother's Day beautiful:)
  • adrian_trujillo1993💙
  • anthonyjacquefeliz día de las madres super bellas. happy Mother's Day darling
  • anz_vi17Happy Mother's Day @emilygmaynard!!! 🌹🌹🌹
  • melissarae077you guys are soo cute!!! I can babysit for you over the summer!!
  • classyyyyyyyvSo adorable😍
  • kisses0324Ahh u & Ricki so cute hope u both had a wonderful Mom's Day❤🌺
  • kisses0324OMG I Wanted u to check out Princess Monster Truck, U & Ricki should 👀😻, creepy cat w/ Fangs, LMAO, the cat is a Instagram star?, check it out!
  • stephaniefraser87I like your outfit! Where is it from?
  • christinazigProenza bag!
  • sarahpc1983Girl you are a hot mom
  • leahkolesarEmily, I love you so much! U are such an inspiration! Also u are the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life!!! I've watched the batchelorette season u were on and absolutely loved it! I am hooked now just because of u! I'm sorry about Jef! :( RICKI IS SO PERFECT OMG!! U are so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter! I really like ur hair too haha! Good luck with love and life!!! I love you! ~Leah
  • rouaa10Nice pic
  • _jonnamaria<3<3<3<3
  • ahavens92Easily the sweetest pic I have ever seen :) You are such a good mom!!
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