Be you
  • caradelevingneBe you

  • gabrielhmarshThat doesn't make sense. The reason they'd respect you for not being you is because you might be an arsehole. So if you're someone else... They'd respect you. And what if being yourself is being someone different?
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  • avonstar**said 😳 @darbymdulaney
  • sophi_hofmannSo so true
  • gabriellatramaHi, I know that you probably get fans asking you too reply all the time. But I just want to ask you a question. My name is Gaby and I'm 12 years old. I'm 5'5 and really skinny, and always been told I should be a model. My favorite shows are the face and America's next top model. I want to be a model but I don't know how. I wish to one day be as great of a model as you. I learned to embrace my weird ❤
  • afieldfullof@gabriella_trama hey gabriella, cara isn't going to reply to you but I can and will. Being a model isn't just about being tall and skinny, its about having a look a walk and talent. If you want to be a model and you have a grat support team that encourages you to model then by all means chase yr dream . Its so great to have tv shows like the face and amnt to show girls what is expected and how they can succeed ...or be held back. Research research research, find local scouts in yr city, find local managements and send in a portfolio. A portfolio usually should have yr measurements and a few good test shots. For a test shot clean yr face of all and any makeup and wear your hair naturaul stand against a plain wall and stare into the camera and take yr profile shots . Also definetly be persistent don't give up. If a management team says they'll call back and yr feeling antsy YOU CALLL BACK. Send in yr shots and portfolio to everyone , this is going to be tiring and you may feel discouraged but dnt give up.
  • afieldfullof@gabriella_trama get yrself noticed .
  • ddisire@daisyxx_96 I love your response to @gabriella_trama true that! Your so nice 👏👏
  • afieldfullof@comedy10hipster thank you! I'm just trying to help everyone out. Xx
  • dhan_pdkrTrue that
  • nauravakettu@jassutus sinä oot itsesi ^^ tulit mieleen tästä. <3
  • lori_lilajwell said giiiirrllll
  • charlottewalsh__Ar this basically sums up what I think of life, this photo makes so much sense love you cara
  • matildamunyardBeing you shouldn't mean drugs though, cara . ;( @caradelevingne
  • agypsetter@michporras esta tambien me la aplicarias 😊🙈
  • layal_baydounTrue
  • kelliexox69Very true
  • amirahyuyui@zul_ariffin
  • wingyeetang_Touché
  • officialazzwalkmoney, fame, popularity makes them respect me
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