Pink peonies and white tulips to get better soon. Thank you! 💛🌷
  • missblairfowlerPink peonies and white tulips to get better soon. Thank you! 💛🌷

  • ashmarsmi@lydiaalisa I just love outing liars. :) hahah. Let her try to deny it now. This lady has so many accounts and usernames. Esty, eBay, google+, MySpace, etc. She literally sits behind a computer all day pretending to live a fantasy life. Stalking celebs, watching Hawaii five O, and bashing successful young women. That's her life summed up. Sad, isn't it? I almost feel bad for her....oh wait. No I don't. Lol
  • monique_francisca@smimarash way to out her. People like @mshollywood52 need to seek thearpy, and get a life.
  • bella_zempel@mshollywood52 all you do is sit on your phone all day. Obviously you shouldn't tell people that work hard that they're lazy. You're a hypocrite and shouldn't judge others based on what they do for a living. What do you do? Play on your kindle? Ya I thought so. You are a grown adult woman. Stop judging a teenager that is smart and works hard. She has already accomplished more than you ever will. The fact that you are an adult, spending your days judging others and replying to all these comments is sad. It really proves you have NO life. So do us all a favor and just leave jealous liar.
  • chloe5annBlair dont listen you are amazing in every way and i know u work really hard
  • sarahnicolelatimer#DontFeedTheTroll
  • d._.nat@mshollywood52 you should.
  • vintageashley@mshollywood52 oh sorry Cindy Hinkel for outing u as a sad middle aged Wisconsin housewife that's jealous of a 20 yr olds success in life. I can see why you have so much going for you.
  • charlizetason01@mshollywood52 can you please stop trolling people cause honey looks like you do not have something better to do
  • ashmarsmiThere's no troll to feed. We took out that trash. #trollexterminator
  • susanchen16Is @mshollywood52 the one who was hating on blair? And the one who blair replied to and took a screen shot of... and posted it... if that made any sense
  • susanchen16What did she say to blair? Someone please answer me...
  • crisssy__She basically said that she got everything handed to her and she doesn't work hard for what she has @susanchen16
  • nawsiddiqui@mshollywood52 Blair does have a life. !!
  • sabrina.quinceNo she acctually works for her stuff. You don't know her life so you shouldn't say that! I bet she works VERY***** hard everyday! Love you Blair!!😊❤ @missblairfowler @crisssy__
  • madalynsnailsLovely flowers :)
  • kdubb334@smimarash @refusetosink127 yeah, by basically telling her she can't have an opinion if it doesn't agree with hers. I understand she overdid it, but resorting to harassment to get her back isn't okay either, or legal, actually. I'm pretty sure Blair can fight her own battles.
  • sarah.doaneYes blair and elle are well off but they did work really hard so the haters should just shut up. Yes blair and elle have a shit load of money they worked for it
  • elena_flores_Blair, I love u so much and u are an inspiration to me and many other girls! U have taught me so much from ur YouTube channels I can't even describe it! I've watched all urs and Elle's videos and they inspire me so much!!! I love urs and Elle's case line shoe and handbag line! U guys are truly amazing and don't let any retarded haters bring u down! Love u Blair! #kisskiss @missblairfowler
  • user24682468yes, Blair is a person and it was defiantly wrong of some rude person that has nothing better to do then hate on innocent hard working women but it does not make any of us better then this the just sitting around hating on her. its good that you guys are sticking up for Blair but at the same time, tone it down a little. dont waist your time thinking about what some girl that none of us probably even know and just enjoy Blairs beautiful videos and photos. :)
  • user24682468@mshollywood52 @missblairfowler
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