falling in LAve all over again.
  • zacharyquintofalling in LAve all over again.

  • lindsaysfnmCute and smart and articulate! Why couldn't you be 30 years older? Well, and straight too. :-)
  • fruitlupessI've lived in LA all my life, where is this building?
  • lee_roeDid you go to the Post Office?
  • zaynscrackPlease notice me you are amazing <3
  • marleynneI saw u on Bravo. Soo handsome. Can't wait for the 17th :)
  • dionnebrownleesI thought it was lego at first #tired
  • chi_ferasGreat job on Real Time, Zach. You outsmarted even the guest panelists. You've been all over my tv this week -- and that's a good thing!
  • lewisniven@zacharyquinto so yeah star trek was quite good mate. By quite good I mean flipping amazeballs.
  • johannacwhenriksenYOU DID SUCH AN AMAZING JOB IN STAR TREK :) my dad says you were better than the original, and coming from a Star Trek enthusiast that's quite big :) well done, all the best! @zacharyquinto
  • grandewayyYou were amazing on star trek!! I watched it yesterday and i loved it so much i bought the first movie today. You are my favourite character everything you do is amazing and i love how you annoy people with your smartness. You are awesome i love you💕💕💕💕 @zacharyquinto
  • mdpetThe real headliner is AHS. You're by far one of my favorite actors! @zacharyquinto
  • vanityboiI LAve it to!!!!!! Lol
  • chris_autumnMan, star trek was awesome. Made me remember being a little boy writing nerdy star trek fan fiction :)
  • mia_burnsThis looks like a rainbow!
  • grandewayyI love you so much please notice me
  • arialaskin14Just saw star trek it was amazing..
  • mariam_melik@zacharyquinto Love that little taco place.
  • kate__joyce16its like a lego house
  • abbyykattGreat comp & color.
  • harrisonmeltonright up the road from me!
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