Thank you @kellinquinn this support means more to us then u will ever know <3 #cancerneverwins
  • mi_shellsThank you @kellinquinn this support means more to us then u will ever know <3 #cancerneverwins

  • radicalyawesomeThank you @kellinquinn !
  • halahatmeeAnd that's why I love kellin Quinn <3 it's so cute <3
  • chasing_laney@jolielux
  • ciromountain51@jolielux
  • _batman_is_me@mandi__taylor u love him cuz of me lol but yeah fucking amzing
  • _mandiiiiTrue but still @skittles1015
  • kerrilu96This made me tear up. @kellinquinn is truly a sweetheart. Not many artists care this much about their fans. Prayers going to you, your sister and your family. @mi_shells
  • sayabeyoShe got her final wish,i'm sure she'll be happy in heaven as a beautiful angel,thx @kellinquinn be strong @mi_shells ❤❤😢
  • workinggirlnailsMy heart breaks for @mi_shells. I work in a cancer hospital and so I see it every day. I have learned so much about life from the patients here, they have opened my eyes. They are truly already angels deep within their souls here to teach us lessons. And hopefully many open their eyes and their ears to see and hear their message. You and your sister are so beautiful. May you find peace and understanding. My thoughts are with you and your family as you process all that has happened. You have a very special angel in heaven taking care of you now 💛
  • austin_draked@kellinquinn__ get out of here with the trying to get his number, respect the situation. Kellin is still a person, just like all of us. Give @mi_shells some respect and lay off the fan girling. Marie was an amazing person, and like @kellinquinn and @kaileykeene said; she inspired many people. And she will continue to do so, stay strong. She's watching over you now. @mi_shells
  • noelleephotographyI am so sorry for your lose. I don't know you or your sister, but I stumbled across it on Kellins page. I'm also from south jersey ironically. I know how hard it is to lose someone, especially a twin. The cancer didn't win.. She lived this long and it was her time. Be thankful for the amazing moments you got to spend with her and keep your chin up. It'll all get better and you have Marie watching over you for all that you did for her. I think you are both beautiful and strong. RIP Marie 💕
  • viic9696This was just amazing @kellinquinn your my hero I love you ❤❤❤
  • b.r.e.a.n.n.a.74@mi_shells isn't kellin the most nice's and sweet's person ever he try's to make a lot of people dream come true I was one day hoping he would text me but now that I saw this text it made me want him to text other ppl and not me cause it is so sweet @f_ckcancer18 will be missed text me if u want me to tell u more stuff and @kellinquinn you are really sweet 😊☺😊☺😊😉
  • cold_stoned_weirdoI'm so sorry for your loss @mi_shells. You have ur very own guardian angel now. And @kellinquinn how amazing of you to truly care about ur fans. This is all so touching. Cancer is such a shit storm. I'm sorry it's touched ur family. #ifeelya R.I.P. Marie. You'll be missed but never forgotten 💜
  • moriah_raiFor everyone saying how "Lucky" she is to talk to Kellin it's pretty sad because at this time her sister, her best friend, her other half was fighting for her life. But no one cares because all they see is Kellin Quinn from SWS wanted to talk to her. Wow that's terrible.
  • mi_shellsAgreed ! @moriahmonroe9898
  • nizzisloveThis literally made me tear up. Too beautiful, he really did love her. Much respect. R.I.P.❤
  • jaci_hummel.ydg@humanpumpkin
  • meg_219that's extremely sweet of him 😭❤ much love goes out to you and your family.. RIP Marie ❤❤
  • stef2227Thank God there are still beautiful people out there with hearts of gold
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