Yes, yes it is. (Will post a non-screen grab next I promise)
  • annakendrick47Yes, yes it is. (Will post a non-screen grab next I promise)

  • karinad.23@hphan2 I use a iPod right in fact and it says imessage
  • hey_therejen@karinadhillon4life people with iPhones text through iMessage if they both have iPhones so.. She's not using an iPod
  • mattmenna_So there for you're an asshole, it's called iMessage dumbass.
  • kinamae09Who sits there and contemplates whether someone is using and ipod or an iphone. Like really?
  • aidyns.old.accNo because androids, and galaxy's are blue so there fire it's a phone!
  • 3.xdaI want your kik
  • zenabeana14Yeah what is your kik
  • jmicheal91@aidynurai you are dumb. Galaxy's and androids are not blue, iPhones and iPods and iPads are blue why? Because they have iMessages android and galaxy's don't have that. My sister has a galaxy and it isn't blue. You know nothing about phones @aidynurai
  • niiznetU all r stupid u can I message on i phone when u dont use data and use wifi instead
  • macimm16Lol I was clicking on the picture
  • haileymartin14@trulydamon she probably does not reply because if she only wanders one person then everyone would be upset
  • rizajuizaCan u gimme follow backk i luv u @annakendrick47
  • graceology1012013... stalking mode is def on
  • anna10.29😂sameeee @shrutig_
  • kelly__hklJust in case you start hating me I'm gonna stop now HAHa
  • pitchperfx@tiarna.13 😂😂😂😂
  • parsa_kh1😁👏
  • sellu121@milazqu
  • jabrydenDon't knock it until you try it...
  • jabrydenNot positive if that date stamp is unphotoshopped... Given the time frame would have been the dry/dark days but could be mistaken.
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