Hangin' with my bro @TylerPerry for @EssenceMag.  On newsstands tomorrow!
  • oprahHangin' with my bro @TylerPerry for @EssenceMag. On newsstands tomorrow!

  • lamiadamaLove you both!
  • iamyasmin_imaniI just need one script to blow your mind tyler...try me man! :D
  • annmartin7Tyler Perry you and Oprah look like sweet brother and sister I love the picture
  • loveable7👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟👼
  • divine_dazzling_divaI love me some Tyler Perry someday I hope to meet him as well
  • keikikitchenhiBeautiful!
  • bev_godfristThank you lord !always!
  • petite.a.petite@tamara_run7
  • starlitadreamHe is super nice
  • joshng137Oprah & Tyler, God bless you both for setting a standard in life. I am on a mission to transforming lives and giving lives a meaning
  • antoinettejanelletitusHe is one good looking guy
  • tsehay_simareal MAN!!!
  • belleflowersfashiondesignerDream Big!!! Asking the universe to one day meet you Oprah. Smile😁😁😁😁😁👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • ciaraexantusThis cover speaks volumes to me right now! Thanks to both of you for having the courage to follow your passion and live your dreams! @oprah
  • michellepetts@dorothy_the_label
  • ritamariacicioDuas lições de vidas esses dois parabéns
  • symplimeeeMy passion is the recurring dream to be relieved from all of this student loan debt that my current job doesn't pay nearly enuff to pay so I can buy food. Makes no sense that at 53, I've never had a vacation. 😕
  • angelinamfullerI am so proud to see two amazing people that is making a big difference for blacks. The two of you are a Classic. Love you and hope to work for you both one day. I pray my wish come true.
  • sheblogsdifferent💜This!!! I have it added to my visionary board. Not to be you guys for the wealth, but just to be covered in so much favor that I'm able to truly be the light for others!
  • marie_worshipI love them so much
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